Chapter 1

The body writhed below the mass of men that hounded it. It's body, delicate and soft, being cruelly mutilated, twisted into images that lined the pages of smutty Magazines, The body that covered the pages was one of my kind.

A slave.

Not that your surprised, the images of hundreds of slaves bought and trained for sexual purposes. I am pretty sure you all have one, or want one, depending on your parents financial status.

I awoke that day. . .or night depending on how you saw it. because there wasn't any windows in this area of the hold. This was the part of the Shop, the basement, or as we liked to call it the vault.
Here you would either get bought and turned into a ox slave (one who pulls the big plows like an ox and probably die in a month, if you were lucky.), or you would be immunized (You know get stripped and buried alive, get shot, etc.), or you would sit and rot for all eternity in the algae covered walls of Santa Monica, California. It has some white name now, but when you're a slave its always SM, CA.

I groaned and rolled over on the stone floor knowing my arm would cut on some of the rocks and pebbles that started to grate into my arm. They gave us some comfort, a little bit of hay, you can sleep on or eat(if you get desperate enough). I sat up and yawned, looking straight out to the door, and the little flap seeing if we got fed, today. I scooted over and grabbed the plate, and ate. Not much but still something.

Suddenly, my cell as illuminated, by a blinding white light. I squinted and pressed myself along the door, I was not being bought today. I was not. I refused to be seen. I wouldn't be some ox for some lazy wetto. I heard the latches click I kept myself pinned upon its surface not caring whether or not, My cheek would be bleeding afterwards.

The door was forced open, My hands were shaking, suddenly, I was almost crushed against the wall. My small body al most being rammed into the stone wall.

"Fuckin'. . .Miguel!" I held myself closer to the wall. My hands were shaking my copper plate almost hitting against the wall. He hit the door harder against the wall trying to let all the light shine in. I gasped, letting out a sound involuntarily. I immediately regretted it. He closed the door slightly looked behind and reached for my hair tugging me out. Throwing me against the stone floor.

"There he is, but ma'am I dunno why you'd want such a disgusting thing to give to yer son. I mean no disrespect but we's got better ones up top." "My son has had hundreds of little trained, yellow or white collar slaves, but he end up killin' them. So I decided that a higher collar would be better." I flinched I was going to be a present. I looked up to the women she was in a long white dress with lace trimmings all around the bottom. They must have recently moved out of the south. Or she must have. It was a traditional dress.

I looked up to the man that yanked me by the hair.. I looked at the door, I knew I couldn't make it but it was worth a try and maybe she would change her mind about buying me.

My small body poised itself to run. I waited until they were distracted. Come on Keep talking. Roy to sell her one of the more expensive ones, you greedy dumbass. I looked like I went for my plate as his mouth made its way to open "Ma'am we have some nice nigger girl upstairs she is a red coll-" That was my break I bolted towards the door. My body skimming by his hands I ran passed her and I ran all the way out of the door before I was yanked back I glared around angrily. I realized I wasn't paying attention. He leashed me.

"Ma'am please, this little spick just tried to run." He was eyeing me in a weird way as he reeled me back in.

"Sir, please I want this one. I will not negotiate. So, shut up, and let me see him." The overseer sighed and handed my leash over to her. He grabbed my arms. And held me against him.

"¡Joda que usted le se baje de usted Idiota! ¡Jódale! Enfermo le Mata. Permita. Mí. Vaya"(Fuck you get off you Idiot! Fuck you! Ill Kill you. Let. Me. Go.) He was smiling as I struggled against him. The woman had obviously seen and looked at many slaves in hr life, by the ways she was poking and prodding at me checking my legs and feet, and my arms.

"Maldígale obtiene el jode lejos de mí usted ramera."(Damn you get the fuck away from me you bitch)

"Fuckin' spick shut up." My arm was snapped back.

She yanked on my chin looking at my teeth. I tried to bite her my arm getting twisted harder I whined, I hated all the damn sounds I made. My shoulder throbbing she let me go. She nodded. A cold piece of metal was placed on my back. I felt my body get shocked before my vision clouded.

I know what happened even though I was out I was brought up to the top and bought for a grand total of 1,500 dollars I was placed in a car. And I was on my way to become some toy of some 15 year old boy.