Update May 23, 2017: I regret to announce that I've decided to take down this story due to ongoing plagiarism by shameless people who think it's acceptable to take someone else's work and pass it off as their own. These people who lack moral fiber as they blatantly exploit the time, energy, and writing skills of innocent authors. The final straw is so-called "Kitty Parker," who, at the time of writing, still has an active account on Amazon and Goodreads and seems to be selling a number of plagiarized stories. I'm not the only Fictionpress author who has been victimized. And unfortunately, I won't be the last.

This saddens and disgusts me. The Internet, with all its uses and advantages, has also brought out the ugly in some people. To the plagiarizers: You know it's wrong and illegal, but you still do it. Why? Too lazy to produce your own stories? Not enough talent? Greed? Jealousy? All of the above?

Please work on your character.

To the innocent readers who were in the middle of reading this story: I'm very sorry that you won't be able to finish it now. I wish it didn't have to be this way, but at this point, I can't justify keeping my story on here for people to steal.

To my fellow writers who are or have been victims of plagiarism: I feel for you. You invested honest time and effort into producing something that's yours, from your own creativity and imagination, and nobody—NOBODY—should ever snatch that from you. I know you feel violated, but I hope you can continue to have the strength to protect your intellectual property. Keep fighting. Keep writing.


Life is not fair. It is not a glamorous fairy tale from some innocent storybook.

Storybooks, which are exposed to little children every single day, are dangerous. Why? Well, probably because an important topic is not touched: the harshness of reality. Hence the kid ends up clueless and naive. Cinderella marries Prince Charming, who is a complete stranger to her (honestly, they only had one night together), but supposedly lives happily ever after. Some optimistic Bunny decides to compete for the title of Bunny Who Grew the Biggest Carrot at the fair, and yes, ends up with the blue ribbon. Fierce Dragon kidnaps Princess (Insert Name), but Knight/Prince-In-Shining-Freakin'-Armour kills said dangerous Dragon with a mere prick of his sword, and rescues the divinely beautiful and angelic Princess.

Okay, the reality is this: the episodes in your life won't always end right. You won't always end up content. Relationship with Prince Charming doesn't last, the blue ribbon goes to someone else, or Dragon kills Knight/Prince by flicking him off the boulder he's bravely standing on. Harsh, but true. Storybooks lie.

My life is definitely not close to being a me, it's too much of a labyrinth. Mrs. Anderson, you've probably figured out by now that this assignment isn't about skipping after butterflies, blowing bubbles, daisies, or playing "fetch the stick" with dogs. This is about a certain episode in my life, containing the ups, the middles, and the many (and I mean many) downs.

Yeah, I was stupid. I was stupid enough to think that all would actually turn out right in the end. If truth be told, it hadn't. If it had, I wouldn't be writing this assignment this way. If things went the opposite way—the way they were supposed to—I would be rambling on about how happy I am, or some shit like that. But as you can tell, things went wrong.

I'm speaking in riddles. Well, all I have to say is that once you finish reading this story, you'll understand. And now come a request: Mrs. Anderson, please keep this private. In case you haven't noticed at this time, this is of very personal nature. I would be devastated if this spread around in school.

Trust me, it happens. Please be careful.