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The Enigma of Destiny

By: Katie Seals


Chapter 6: Save Me Daughter

Raine yawned lethargically, reaching in the cabinet and pulling out a porcelain mug. Setting it on the counter emphatically, she poured herself a steaming cup of black coffee.

She was tired... very tired, and extremely tortured. Her open wounds seemed to sting with every move and even if the lightest fabric touched her bruises, she was forced to yelp in pain. Somehow, everything seemed to intensify itself to the tenth degree overnight... either that, or she had to be incredibly numb when those dumbasses harassed her.

What a bitch, she thought, raising her lips to the fervent mug. She barely knew Jessica, or any of her stupid friends. And it's not like she was doing anything wrong. They were the most immature, vile creatures she'd ever met. They acted as if Steve was a matter of life or death to them, when all it was a matter of their superfluous social standing.

Raine sighed. Now she had to go face them at school. For all she knew they had probably started some horrible rumor about her just to make themselves feel better. Not that she really gave a rat's ass, but if it affected her academic agenda at all, then she'd have to get hostile. Something, she learned, that doesn't really help much.

Raine shook her head, taking a sip of the steamy liquid. Glancing over, she checked the clock, cherishing every passing second she had alone in her peaceful home. In about five minutes, she'd have to face the bloody warfront.


Her mother's screechy voice startled her, the porcelain mug slipping out of her hands and shattering on the floor. Droplets of the hot liquid splahed on Raine's bare legs, causing her to scream out in pain.

Raine glared at her plastered mother, bending over to clean up the broken pieces of the mug. "What do you want..."

"I want..." She paused, stumbling into a chair and knocking it on the floor with a clatter, "I don't remember..."

She began laughing uncontrollably, tripping into the counter. Raine ignored her foolish antics, wiping the hot coffee off the ground.

"Mother... what did you want?!"

She stopped laughing abruptly, cocking her head at her peeved daughter. "I think I..." She paused, trying to regan her balance. "Oh, I remember... I came in here for a knife."

Raine raised a brow. "A knife? What the hell do you need a knife for?!"

Her mother ignored her, pulling out a butcher's knife from the wooden knife block. "I need a BIG knife!"

She began laughing again, leaning against the counter to catch her balance. Raine growled, balling her fists angrily.

"Mother, did you take your medicine?"

Still laughing, she reached in the pocket of her robe, pulling out a handful of pink and white pills. "You mean these pills?"

Throwing the pills in the air, she began twirling around in circles, knife still in hand. Raine lunged forwards, grasping her mother's arm forcefully.

"MOTHER! What do you need the knife for?!"

She paused, staring back at her daughter solemnly. After a long silence, she answered blatantly. "I'm going to kill myself."

Raine's eyes widened, the grip on her mother's arm tightening. Her jaw dropped as she searched for something to say, her heart racing.

"Mother... no.."

"Yes, Raine! And you can't stop me this time!"

Pulling away angrily, her mother tripped backwards into the kitchen table, her head colliding with the corner of it. She released her grip on the knife, her body falling to the ground lifelessly.


Raine lunged forward, kneeling before her whimpering mother. Resting her hand under her head, she pulled her into her arms.

"Are you okay?!"

Panting helplessly, her mother opened her eyes slightly, gazing up at Raine. "I want... I want to go to bed..."

Raine nodded, draping her arm around her mother as she helped her off the linoleum floor. Pushing away empty chairs, Raine begn making her way towards her mother's bedroom, arm still securely wrapped around her.

Yes, Raine didn't like her mother... but she also didn't hate her. She wasn't going to sit there and let her take her life away. Nobody has the right to take their life away. And as much as she hated to admit it, Raine would miss her mother dearly.

Pulling back the comforter, Raine helped her mother into bed, tucking the covers around her. She gazed back at her lost mother, a feeling of guilt washing over her. She looked horrible... her fake blonde hair was growing out, showing the roots of her dark hair, and she had few more wrinkles then time gave her, due to the excessive amount of fake tanning.

Raine was defintiely ashamed that her mother was a prostitute, but she was still her mother... and nothing could change that. If it wasn't for father's selfish decision to leave the family, she might still be the successful lawyer she was in school for.

Reaching up, Raine's mother carressed her daughter's cheek lightly. "You'd be excited to know that... that.. I saw your father the other day."

The words sliced through Raine like a knife, causing her to falter slightly. She shook her head, attempting to smile back at her mother.

"He... says hello."

Raine narrowed her eyes. "Tell him I hope he burns in hell."

Her mother shut her eyes, a single tear rolling down her cheek. "I- I... I know he loves you Raine."

"Will you quite making excuses for him! If he really loved me, he might've thought twice before refusing to raise me."

Her mother shook her head. "It's nothing like that Raine."

"YES! It is mother! He's selfish, despicable, and not worthy of either of us. I hope he feels DOUBLE the pain I do!"

Raine turned to leave, but her mother reached out and grasped her arm gently. "Well... you'll be happy to know that you have a half sister, right?""

Raine balled her fists, narrowing her eyes. "That hurts, mother... that really hurts to think that he can raise someone else, but not me."

Her mother smiled, ignoring Raine's comment. "She's a really nice girl... I think you'll like her."

"You speak like I'll be meeting her someday..."

"She's coming to visit you in a few weeks."

Raine beat her fists into the wall next to her, holding back the tears. "NO! I don't want anything to do with her or him! Does he really think he can walk back into my life after thirteen years?!"

"Stop acting so childish Raine..."

Raine shook her head, gritting her teeth tightly. "I may be forgiving mother... but I will NEVER forgive him... EVER."

"Yes... you will."

"Stop it! STOP IT! Why are you doing this?! You hate him too!"

Her mother shook her head. "No... I don't."

Raine finally gave in, falling to her knees, the tears streaming down her cheeks. "Yeah, well, you should."

A solemn silence slipped between them, intensifying Raine's emotions. Why was her mother acting so foolish? She did hate him! She had to hate him! He was the reason she had become so weak and cowardly. He was the reason she hated life so much... and he was the reason Raine and her mother never got along.

Raine blamed her mother for his departure for the longest time. She always told herself that if her mother wasn't such a slut, they'd still be the perfect family. But then she learned that there was no such thing as the perfect family, and she was forced to quit lying to herself.

Yet, she still wished that it could be the way it used to. Picnics in the park... camping trips on the weekend... family movie night. She couldn't quite remember them vividly, but the memory was still there, haunting her everyday.

That's when Raine decided she'd be better off alone. No friends... no love... just pure utter hapiness with herself, and only herself. But then she ran into Chase and Phillip that day in the alley... and it all seemed to change. She was beginning to trust the human race, and it scared her to death to think so.

"What... what happened to your face?"

Her mother's voice startled her, releasing her from her grim thoughts. Raine eyed her mother, a bit confused at first, but then she realized what she was talking about, an embarrassed blush creeping up her face.

"I... I-its j-just a little scratch..."

Her mother eyed the long slash across her cheek, and the swelling bruises underneath both eyes. "What happened to you?"

She sighed, deciding it would be best not to lie to her. "I was... um... attacked yesterday... after the football game. But its okay... Chase helped me."

Raine spat her words out quickly, and almost inaudibly, but her mother heard them loud and clear.

"Who is Chase?"

Raine blushed again. "He's just..." Raine paused, searching for the right definition, "A guy I know from English class."

Raine's mother nodded tediously, letting her head fall to the pillow again. "Why are you like this Raine?"

Raine narrowed her eyes at her mother, pulling her body into a ball. "Like what?"

She shut her eyes tightly, hiding her emotions from her daughter. "Why are you always hiding from the human race?"

Raine stood abruptly, wrath in her eyes. "What are you talking about?! This has nothing to do with this!"

Raine's mother slowly traced her tired eyes over to her daughter. "Yes.. it does..."

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! You're suddendly acting like you're the smart one! I practically raised YOU mother!"

Wiping the tears from her eye, she glared back at her daughter. "NEVER say that to me! I am your mother!"

Raine narrowed her eyes. "Hardly..."

Raine's mother suddendly broke into an uncontrolled sob, her body shaking with what seemed anger. "I try Raine... I really try... isn't that enough for you? Isn't that enough for everyone else?"

Raine shook her head, backing away. "Mother... do NOT bring other people into this. I've been fine without friends and you know it..."

"But you haven't..."

"What about you? Why do you let everyone walk all over you? USE you... You should be learning from me, mother."

"Raine... you're young and you have yet to live YOUR life... so do NOT tell me how to live mine!"

Raine turned away abruptly, seething with anger. Stopping at the doorway, she turned back slowly, tears staining her cheeks.

"Tell me then, mother... why do you want to take away your own life?"

Her mother stared back at her, tears cascading down her pallid cheeks. Finally giving into her sobs, she hunched into her pillow, muffling her cries. Raine shook her head, turning to leave again.

"Do you really want to know Raine?"

Raine turned around slowly, removing her hand from the doorknob.

Sitting up abruptly, her mother beat her fists into the comforter next to her. "I'm so sick of it ALL! I can't stand it anymore! I just want to get it all over with..."

Raine crossed her arms over her chest, shaking her head as the tears rolled down her cheeks. "Do you realize... when you say that... you're saying your sick of ME. Your daughter. The one who really does care about you whether you want to accept it or not."

Raine's mother was silent as she stared back at her aching daughter. The truth had suddendly slapped her in the face, leaving a throbbing welt. Why had she tried to kill herself so many times?

Raine turned away quickly, slamming the door behind her. Her mother was so weak and pathetic... wanting to give up on life so easily. It was her fault her life was oh, so horrible anyways. She could've just accepted the fact that her husband didn't want to be with her or their daughter, and moved on with life, just like anyone else could. But she always had to hold this grudge with life... thinking that she was so unfortunate. If only she knew how lucky she really was...

Raine collapsed on the sofa, pulling her trembling body into a ball. It wasn't the first time her mother had tried to kill herself. Once, when she was twelve, her mother tried to jump off the roof of their ten-story apartment buliding. Raine was tramatized... seeing her mother threaten her life like that. She quickly ran to call the cops, who came just in time to stop her from jumping. They had requested that she see a psychiatrist, but her mother told them she'd rather take medicine instead. She had been addicted to pills ever since.

Raine furiously wiped the tears from her eyes, glancing up at the oak grandfather clock. She was already late for school... what would be the point of even going anymore? Her mother was lying in bed, just moments away from taking her life away... why would she ever leave anyone like that alone?

Ugly thougths of Jessica and her artificial friends entered her troubled mind, making her cry out in animosity. If she didn't go to school, they'd probaby think they had defeated her... which was hardly the truth. But she knew if she left home, her mother would probably try something again... which was way worse than feeding the ego of those ugly rats.

Aw, hell... what did she care. They were minute to her... nothing but a speck of dust. If they really thought they could defeat her... then fine, let them think that. They would always be dumb anyways, there would be no changing that.

But still, Raine felt a feeling of frustration wash over her as she thought of them and their demented minds, scowering over her with their annoying hyena laugh. By now, Steve was probably on their side... and Chase already hated her. Who else did she have left to worry about? No one... just like before... she should be in peace.

But she wasn't...

And with that thought, she hung her head to cry, troubled thoughts aiding her to a restless sleep.


Raine awoke apruptly to the sound of the doorbell. She jumped up quickly, studying her surroundings wearily. Glancing out the window, she noticed that it was already getting dark outside. How long had she been asleep?

Wiping her eyes roughly, she stood up shakily, making her way towards the front door. She really wasn't in the mood to speak with anyone. Hopefully it was just a Girl Scout selling cookies or something else useless like tools (really happened once)...

Pulling the door open angrily, she let her eyes trail up to the bastard that just happened to catch her at the wrong time.

But it wasn't a bastard at all...


The copper-haired boy smiled up at her sheepishly, yet still sweetly. But his shining eyes pressed into a frown once he laid eyes on Raine.

"Raine? What happened?!"

Raine eyed him, a bit confused. "Huh?" She paused, realizing what he was talking about, "Oh.. I-um, I just fell down the steps... took a bad fall..."

Phillip nodded, his big eyes full of concern. "Are you feeling better?"

She forced a smile. "Oh, me? I'm great. So... whatca' doin' here buddy?"

She pulled the door farther open to let him in, but he shook his head, remaining in the same sheepish position.

"I just came to ask..." He blushed. "Um... I wanted to know if you would take me trick-or-treating tomorrow? I mean... daddy can't take me and... I don't know..."

He let his eyes trail to the ground shyly, his slim body shuffling back and forth nervously. She smiled widely at him, kneeling face to face with him.

Without thinking she answered. "Of course I will Phillip."

He smiled widely, leaning in and hugging her tightly. "Thank you! Thank you! You're the best friend ever Raine!"

Returning his hug, a sudden feeling of warmth washed over her. Phillip was such a nice little boy. She had forgotten she still had him left in life.

He stepped back, waving at Raine as he turned to leave. "I'll see you tomorrow then... right?"

She nodded. "Of course. I'll meet you at your house."

He smiled again, turning away quickly as he made his way towards the black limo. She smiled at him one last time, shutting the door behind her as she waved good-bye.

But as she shut the door, a sudden thought struck her. The Halloween dance. It was the same day Raine and Phillip had made plans to go trick-or- treating. What was she to tell Steve? She hadn't even thought about it when Phillip had asked her.

She sighed heavily, collapsing on the sofa. Oh, well... Its not like she REALLY wanted to go... and like she said before, Steve was probably on Jessica's side by now, hypnotized by her stupid mind games.

And besides, dances weren't really her thing. They were TOO social. Everything was 'Ooo look at her dress!' or 'Aren't they cute together?'... not really her thing. She leaned towards more educating things like reading. Or at least she thought she did.

Raine had changed so much in the past week that she wasn't even sure who she was anymore. The decisions she was making... the situations she was in... the things she was saying... they were all so new to her. It scared her to think that so much could change in just a matter of a few days. At this rate... she'd be another lost soul just like her mother before she knew it.

She sighed at the thought of her mother. Deep inside, she knew she was a really great person, someone who really appreciated life. But somewhere along the line, she just happened to fall off track a little, and she never tried to get back in line. She was just wandering around helplessly in some foriegn place.

Raine really did love her mother, despite her bad decisions and out- of-control attitude. She just wanted the best for her, and sometimes, it would get frustrating watching her refuse the good things she needed in life... like a new job... a new boyfriend... and most of all, Raine.

Standing up shakily, Raine began making her way into her mother's bedroom silently. She figured it would be best to check on her, considering her actions earlier that morning. Pushing the door open, she took a deep breath making her way towards her still mother.

She was sleeping, Raine noticed, her chest raising and falling in peaceful breaths. Her whole body was totally relaxed, except for her hands. They were tensely grasping the covers beside her, as if she was holding on for dear life.

Raine sighed solemnly, pushing her mother's hair out of her face. She was probably having a nightmare... something that happened often. Raine would sometimes awake in the middle of the night to hear her mother sobbing in her bedroom, or even at some times, screaming and whimpering. Raine wasn't quite sure what she was screaming about, but she was almost sure it was a nightmare about her father.

But that was a different story... her father... the shadow that was never really a part of her life... the pain she feels when she looks at her mother. Boy, did her mother love her father dearly. She was the perfect wife, always cooking him his meals, cleaning up after him, and giving him every bit of affection a man ever needed. Every man's fantasy, right? Apparently... wrong...

Raine never really knew why her father had left her mother. She would never talk about it... ever. Not that Raine really cared to know, but seeing her mother in such pain killed her. Raine's own pitiful anger had forced her to believe it was her mother's fault for the longest time... when she really had no clue. But who else was she to blame it on? Humans have this sense of self-assurance that forces them to blame issues on someone else, just to make themselves feel better. But the problem was... Raine never felt better about it.

Sitting on the other side of the bed, Raine pulled her body into a lying position next to her mother. She was tired still, and her wounds were aching. At that point, the only thing that felt alright was lying down and never getting up again. But she knew that would never happen... never getting up to see the world again would be a shame, despite the bad bringings of selfish people.

But as she shut her eyes, the last thought that came to her mind was Chase. His bright emerald eyes swirling with emotion... his strong masculine arms protecting her... and the tears she saw in his eyes every time she laid eyes on him. As much as she knew she'd probably never figure him out...

She was still determined to try.


Raine sighed heavily, clutching a small piece of paper to her chest. It was scribbled all over with several different colors and types of pencils and pens, as if she had been using the same piece of paper for weeks. At the bottom, in bright red ink, an address was circled over and over again, practically wearing the paper underneath thin.

She had been on the phone all day, as well as the previous few days, pretending to be ordering manuscripts and legal documents for work. She had finally been able to hang up at the end of the day, a dazed smile tugging at her lips.

Lowering the piece of paper to the desk, she studied the circled part of the paper over and over again, the dazed smile suddendly slipping into a look of uneasiness.

She had finally found him... but was it right? She hoped yes... but that was merely a HOPE. She still had to go through with it... actually SEE him... TALK to him.

He presently lived in North Carolina, in a nice little beach house... but that's all she knew. Nothing else. No occupation. No marital status. Just his address... and of course his phone number. That's how she had gotten his address in the first place. But she didn't want to CALL him. She wanted to see him... feel his prescence... smell his scent. She had to face this someday... and now seemed the best. Maybe.

"You seem happy... did you finally find him?"

Theresa gawked from the doorway of Raine's office, a bag of chinese take-out slung over her shoulder casually. Raine smiled widely at her, jumping up from her seat as she waved the tattered piece of paper for her friend to see.


She ran over to her friend, giving her a tight squeeze. Shutting the office door behind them to shut off prying eyes and ears, she shoved the paper in Theresa's face.

"North Carolina! Can you believe it?!"

Theresa shrugged. "Not really... considering I don't even know the man."

Raine rolled her eyes. "You've heard enough from me, right?"

"Well, yeah... you think I did know him from all the times you talk about him. How much is that again? Oh, yeah... everyday."

Raine gave her friend a trivial look. "Don't be so mean... you should be proud I finally did it."

"I am." Theresa paused, holding up the bag of chinese. "Hungry?"

Raine smiled widely, immediately diving into the chinese. Theresa chuckled at her friend as she shoved forkfuls of vegetables and nooddles in her mouth like it was nothing.

"So... how'd you do it? Did you take my advice?"

Pulling the fork out of her mouth, Raine spoke through mouthfuls of food. "Yep. I called the operator and asked for the number to Chase Walker. When she asked where he lived, I told her I didn't know, and to list all the Chase Walkers in The United Stated. I just narrowed it down from there."

Theresa gave her friend a shocked look. "WOW. That's alot of work."

"You have no idea..."

Theresa shook her head, digging her fork into her plate of chinese. "I really admire you Raine. I've never seen anyone as determined as you."

Raine was silent for a moment, a serious look overcoming her features. Glancing up at Theresa, she gave her an earnest look. "You have no idea what its like to be around him... its amazing."

Theresa chuckled, attempting to lighten the situation. "This better not be some crazy crush that got WAY out of control... that's a lot of stress for such a gamble."

Continuing to stare back at her friend earnestly, she lowered her voice slightly. "I've never had a crush on Chase."

Theresa eyed her. "Wait... that doesn't make sense. You act like your head over heels for the guy."

"I am."

Theresa set down her plate of chinese, giving her friend a serious look. "Raine... that's the craziest thing I've ever heard."

Raine shook her head. "With Chase... it was never a matter of attraction. I always knew he was beautiful... but his deep, mysterious personality kept me hooked like no other."

Theresa smiled, trying out her dry sense of humor again "Well I hope you found the right Chase, then."

Raine's eyes fell to her plate of chinese solemnly. "I don't think that's the worst of my problems right now."

Theresa scooted her chair closer to Raine. "Raine... what are you talking about?"

Shoving her plate of food away, Raine shook her head. "I-I don't know if I should go through with it."


Raine eyed her friend. "What?"

Theresa's friendly smile suddendly seemed to disappear. "I said no dammit!"

Raine practically choked at the stern sound in her voice. "Theresa?"

"There is NO way you're going to back out after all that hard work!"

"But you said it, Theresa! Its the craziest thing you've ever heard."

Theresa shook her head. "Don't you understand, Raine? It may be crazy... but sometimes the craziest things are the most rewarding."

"I don't understand... I don't even know him anymore."

"Yes.. you do. Like you said... it was never a physical attraction. You were connected to him. If that's not knowing someone, then I don't now what is."

A deadly silence slipped between them, but they continued to stare back at each other, as if they were continuing their argument with their eyes.

Theresa stood abruptly, making her way towards the office door. Without turning back, she answered. "If you don't go through with this Raine... you're always going to live with the regret of yesterday, and the pity of tomorrow. With that... you'll never be able to be happy with today..."

Theresa stood still for a few seconds, still refusing to look her friend in the eye. Raine stared devoutly at her friend's back, her words slipping through her mind over and over again.

'The regret of yesterday... and the pity of tomorrow.' That was the definition of... her mother.

Suddendly, Theresa retreated out the door, slamming the door behind her. The shelves in her office rattled slightly, but Raine didn't notice it... she was too deep in thought.

'You'll never be happy with today.'

- -

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