Adam walked down the eleven o'clock street with a bounce in his step and a smile on his face. He had been waiting for a long time for this. For Halley to call him up and schedule another date. They hadn't been together for a long time because... Well, that wasn't happy thoughts. Happy thoughts were in the here and now, not buried in the past. He needed happy, happy, oh so happy prance through the fields of dandelions and sunflowers thoughts. He hadn't had those in a while. Three weeks to be exact.

Three weeks since that oh so not happy prance through the fields of dandelions and sunflowers memory.

The air was pleasantly moist. Not any of that stuffy, humid shit here. Pleasant, oh so very pleasant air. A puddle here, a puddle there. A rain shower had taken place not two hours ago, and it threatened to come back. That didn't matter though, not really. Halley would be waiting at the restaurant. The French, five-star restaurant with the courteous waiters and waitresses that Halley and Adam enjoyed so much.

Adam twiddled his lucky coin in his left hand. It was his lucky day all thanks to that flattened dime. He had found it on the railroad tracks, smushed to this lucky coin he twiddled in his rough hands, which weren't much like a cop's hands as the great Dr. Hannibal Lecter would put it, today. He felt so happy at this moment. Sure Halley wasn't perfect, but for all Adam was concerned she was the best woman he'd get in his lifetime.

He excitedly turned the corner. The restaurant was so close. He could see her in his mind's eye, waiting for him with a great smile on that beautiful face with a hopefully revealing dress draping her. Here's hoping. He smiled even larger.

There was a single flower in his right hand. A dandelion. Halley thought they looked breath-taking. All he had to do was pick it out of his lawn when he left the house. She deserved better, but the change of plans was so last minute he hadn't had time to do much else.

There the five-star restaurant was. There it was! He couldn't wait to see her. He couldn't wait to hold her. He couldn't wait to fucking see her!

Then he did see her.

His jaw dropped and the dandelion fell from his loosened grip to splash into the puddle beneath it. This wasn't good. This wasn't the happy, happy, oh so happy prance through the fields of dandelions and sunflowers sight he'd expected. This wasn't that happy sight. She was just as beautiful as he had been hoping (and just as revealing), but it wasn't happy. It wasn't happy!

His teeth clenched and he didn't feel sadness. He felt complete and utter rage. Joe was hugging her and kissing her passionately. Joe Willum. Joe fucking Willum extraordinare. A man's man, is that how they say it?

He wondered how long she had been keeping this from him. How long the lies had been surrounding them. All the lies, lies, lies!

Getting out of control now. Changes going on inside of his body. Horrible changes. Horrible changes he was making happen.

For the past ten years Adam had been a Lycanthrope. You may know these things more commonly as werewolves. However, Lycanthrope don't go by the full-moon thing most people think they do. They are fully in control of when they change, and what they do when they've changed. The moon just has a different affect on a Lycanthrope's mind. It gives them a strange power, opening the gates to the other rhelmes of their minds. It gives them the power to change into a wolf creature.

Adam clenched his teeth and kept the changes at bay, at least for the moment. He dropped his lucky flattened dime and trudged towards the couple. He suspected that if the two were in a private area they would be completely undressed. He doubted that they hadn't been like that already.

Standing right behind Halley and neither of them knew he was there. They were fully obsorbed in one another. Adam had wanted to be like that with her. That's the happy, happy, oh so fucking happy prance through the fields of dandelions and sunflowers activity he had wanted to do.

Apparently Joe didn't know that Halley and Adam were a couple because when Joe saw Adam standing there in the rain that had just started up again, his eyes lit up and he smiled. Adam walked beyond Halley and glared at Joe.

"Hey Adam," Joe said and broke away from Halley, who was now staring at Adam with wide, scared, apologetic green eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"Adam?" Halley gasped. Adam looked over at her loathingly. "Oh, God. I'm so sorry."

"I trusted you," Adam stated. Normally you would expect his voice to crack, but it stayed solid as a rock. "I TRUSTED YOU!"

His shout echoed through the for the most part empty street. Anger was swelling inside of him again. People were turning to look. People were turning to look because many people knew that he was a Lycanthrope, a werewolf. They all secretly loved and feared him. But that didn't stop them from enjoying the show when he was royally pissed off.

"What's going on?" Joe asked. Now he was scared. He was understanding that he had made a mistake. "Oh, shit. You two are dating? I'm sorry dude. I didn't know. I swear to fucking God, cross my damn heart I did not know."

Adam turned and looked at him. Adam was a nice guy, no one had really seen him trully pissed off. No one had seen him trully angry. Now they were about to witness his anger at its purest. "It doesn't matter that you didn't know Joe. You know why?"

Joe looked at Halley and then back to Adam. He was a tough guy, but he was scared. "N-No. No I don't know."

"Because I'm going to kill you anyway!" he shouted, grabbed Joe, and threw him against the brick wall of the five-star restaurant. Then the changes did start.

Fur sprouted from all over his body. His clothes tore and fell away in shreds. His claws broke through the fabric of his Adidas shoes. His eyes turned totally black, black as night. His face changed into something resembling a dog's, but much more ferocious, and much, much meaner. His fangs dripped saliva as he growled. Lycanthrope Adam stood a full five feet taller than the six foot Joe.

Adam now gripped Joe with sharp claws. Those he used to pick Joe up and toss him like a rag doll across the street. Mothers grabbed their children and took off. Some people took out cell phones or car phones to call the police or family members to tell them what they were seeing. Cars came to screeching halts or sped up to get away from Adam's rage. Halley screamed protests of Adam's actions. Telling him to stop. To stop for the love of God.

Those protests went unheard as Adam plundered forward across the street. Bellowing his rage out into the rainy night he chucked a parked car out of the way. The passenger inside survived the incident and scrambled out of his car screaming a high-pitched scream that was unusual for a male to possess.

Joe was on his feet and running from Adam. Chase was given. Adam's claws tore up chunks of concrete from the sidewalk. People were screaming and some were cheering. Adam didn't care. Joe was his focus of attention, and Joe needed a good killing in his opinion.

After thirty seconds of running, Joe tripped over a dog whose owner had stopped and stared in awe at the hulking werewolf that was chasing that muscular man. Joe screamed as he rolled onto his back and saw Adam charging through the rain and the surrounding fog and lept into the air.

Adam felt a stinging sensation in his side. Red and blue lights were dancing on the buildings and the street. The cops had arrived. Adam swept at the place where the stinging was coming from and jarred loose a tranquilizer dart. If he could've spoken in his Lycanthrope form he would've stated simply, "Shit."

Halley rushed up behind him as he changed back from his werewolf form to his human form. She started saying that she was sorry. Adam didn't want any of it. So he grumbled to her to shut up. To just shut the fuck up. And then his nude form fell forward and slammed into the sidewalk. Cops closed in with their guns drawn and aimed. No one wanted to take any chances with a thing this dangerous.

Unfortunately one person had been stupid enough to do just that.

In the background a radio was being flipped through static. Then it settled and a man's voice, diced with static and only barely audible, spoke.

"Does the moon really possess such strange powers? Or is it all just... lunacy?"


Hey, MorbidMan here. Did you like it? I was inspired to write a Lycanthrope story by Godsmack's song "Moon Baby", which isn't about a werewolf. However, they say that the moon is rumored to have strange powers, which inspired me. I have another, longer, better one in the works. But for now you'll have to settle with this. The last paragraph is dialogue from an old TV program called "The Mysterious Forces Beyond" that is actually used in "Moon Baby". There's some trivia for you. Alright, good night.

"Let's take a blast to the moon baby." - Godsmack "Moon Baby"