Shades of Grey

By: Katrina Drake

Shades of Grey

Cold is the night that stays the sleeping child,
Drinking in the breath of night,
Hushed in the Power of the Final Hour,
The night then billows wild,
Caressed in the silky skin of moonlight.
Nothing ever seems so black and white.
As it did this particular night.

Shattered goes the mirror though,
Seeking both good friend and deadly foe.
The prisons of which the day doth rend,
Seeks to regain control again.
Then escapes the sunlit rays,
And illuminates the world in mere shades of grey.


The night still seems unreal to me so does this freedom that I have longed for. I never have felt such in my life before. The wind beneath me, gathering me in its fierce embrace and whisking me to destinations yet unknown even to myself, gives me a burning that has filled every fiber of my soul. This is the way of life I had longed for as long as I existed. Once again I have been given the opportunity to embrace the destinies of the past and forge my own iron-hot future. Now, I do not fear the way that things will turn out, now I will press forth until I have succeeded. Opportunity has rewarded me with a second chance and I aim to pull at it until it is exhausted and plunge into it until it becomes as shallow as sand is once dry. Tonight I feast upon the souls of life and destroy the flesh that once had marred the freedom of me. I condone the simple longings of a foolish boy and bar up the feels of a weak mortal. Tonight I am FREE! There is no more black and white, only shades of grey!
Rowyn Renquist (5067 B.C.)