Chapter Eight

"Daemon, wake up."
Whose ever voice it was called me back into the world of the living. However, with that calling came back the anguish and pain that had left when I had. I opened my eyes and was met by many friendly faces staring down at me. When they had seen that I was awake they rejoiced, which jostled me and I groaned as pain shot up my spine reminding me of the previous events. Llyania!
I shot up instantly, ignoring the shear fire in my body, "Llyania! Where is she? What happened to her?"
A vampiress with cherry red hair stepped forward, her eyes sad, "We tried to save her. But." Her voice trailed off.
Fear replaced the pain and I paled thinking of what the monster could have done to her. "Where is she? Let me see her." I whispered not really wanting to see what happened.
Gently, two people lifted me out of the bed and helped me walk to another bed in a separate room. It was quiet and no one came to see her; she was so alone. And I brought her here!
They carried me to her bed and set me in a chair beside her. Unlike with me, they had a monitor hooked up to her. The patterns on the monitor were irregular and slow. I now understood what they meant; Llyania was dying. Leaning over, I examined the marks and scars she had inherited from that night. She didn't escape from them! They wouldn't let her! Her body was marred and fine lines of red were etched on her skin. On her neck lay several bite marks and there, on her chest was an arrow wound. HUNTER!
For the first time in a long time, tears flowed down my cheeks and I didn't stop them. It had been a long time since I had cared for anyone like I cared for Maria and now Llyania was being taken away from me too. Remembering the events of that night came also the memory of losing Raven. My eyes came to my hands, which once held his blood but now were clean. Still, the phantom blood was still present. My eyes turned red. NO! Too much has been taken from me! I will NOT let the monster take HER!
Watching her breath become shallow, I bent down and smelled her blood. How much does she have left?
Picking up my telepathy, because my mental shields were weaker, the vampire who had stayed came up and put his hand on my shoulder. She has lost too much blood that her body cannot replace it and it worked hard to do so. But. in the end, it exhausted her heart and it's preparing to die.
I nodded knowing that I didn't have enough time. I elongated my forefinger nail and ran it over my wrist. Warm blood flowed freely down my veins and I turned to the man, "I know that I do not have enough blood so when I am done, I'll be awfully hungry so you do the judgment."
Bowing deeply, the vampire rushed from the room leaving me alone with the dying human. Should I really do this? I love her but does she really want this life? I wanted it but that doesn't mean that everyone does. I brought my lips closer to her neck and then drew back instantly. What about my oath? I promised never to drink blood ever again and I forsook the life as a vampire! I shook my head and tears fell on her right hand. I stared at them for a moment.
"Do vampires feel at all Daemon?"
Maria's voice came back to me the night it happened. After everything I had shown her and proved to her herewith of my love; she still doubted me. After that night, I began to doubt myself as well. Yet, as I stared down at these tears of sorrow, I could answer that question now, myself. Yes Maria, we do feel. I do have feelings.
A smiled spread over my face, "I do feel. I do care." I whispered to myself. I have been wrong about myself and my kind. We are not bad, evil creatures but people that live a different culture. We need blood like humans need meat and plants. They kill animals for food as we drink them for blood. It's all part of the delicate band of nature! I laughed triumphantly, "Jaircoryn is wrong. Vampires can no more survive with one human a month than a human could survive no food for a month. I was wrong by thinking that starving myself would solve all my problems."
"A human cannot live in our world alone. but maybe. a vampire can."
Raven's voice ripped through my thoughts and I nodded, "No a human cannot."
"Please save your people. both of them!"
"Save us both!"
I looked down and met with the silver eyes of Llyania. She looked pale and very weak but she pleaded with me. "Please. save both of us, Daemon, you and me." She coughed and blood spilt. I grabbed her head and lifted it slightly. "I don't care what you are Daemon." She coughed, more blood, ".but I know that I love you and whatever happened in your past doesn't matter." Another cough, more blood, ".however, I am prepared to join your side and live with you. forever." With that, she passed back out. Her breathing was failing.
The heart monitor sounded in a horrible, ear-splitting wail. Fear washed over my and I quickly sang my fangs into her skin. Please don't let me be too late! Her cooling blood rushed through my veins, enlightening with strong power. I fought to regain control and pried my fangs away. I mustn't take all, just enough for her to accept the change.
I looked down at my wrist now healed and forsook it. She needs deep blood, heart's blood. Grabbing a silver dagger that was laying on the desk beside her bed, I shrugged out of my shirt and sliced the dagger over my chest where my heart was located. Blood flowed fast and free giving me a rush of dizziness but I ignored it. Climbing into her bed, I dragged her body to lie on top of mine and brought her mouth to my chest. This had better work.
Massaging her lips, I opened them so she could accept the blood. Consciousness took her a little and she started sucking greedily at the blood that was offered her. Still, I was exhausted and dizzy from the lack of blood in my system. It was getting harder to keep my consciousness. Finally, I just gave in.

"Do not hurt me!"
"You should have thought about that before you decided to betray me!" My fangs elongated and I lunged for her.
Seeing her in danger, her lover charged at me with a knife and stabbed it into my back. I howled and turned on him. "You think that you could make her happy?" Fear appeared in the man's eyes and he pointed his knife towards me.
"Stay back demon! I am a priest and I will vanquish you!" The man warned with a shaky voice.
"A priest?" I said amused, "Don't priest have these sacred vows to be forever chaste? Some priest you are."
"I'll cast you out demon!" The priest continued as he stood up.
The blanket fell and I snarled, "Priests are also not supposed to destroy the virtue of a woman."
"You destroyed her virtue the moment you disheveled her virginity." He spat and crept closer.
"I did? She is my wife if you have not noticed. She was a virgin when we married and so I just did what a husband would do! Is that a sin now? If it is then how will human reproduce?" I growled showing my fangs.
"Demons should never leave Hell! I shall destroy you and send you back!"
I lunged at him and caught him in the throat. Lifting him up, I snapped, "I did NOT come from Hell, boy! I came from a different species than you did!" Throwing him down, I looked back at Maria, "It is you who has ruined yourself and rejected our vows. Did you think that I would not have noticed if you came in pregnant? I would have known because only a female kin could give me a child!" Tears flowed down my face, "Still, I loved you and I kept my vows. Eventually, I would have told you and asked for you to join me and be mine forever. But now."
I sat down on the bed and cried softly; she betrayed me. I felt the knife go into my skin and I howled, jumping up. I turned and looked savagely at the human, "Nothing you can do could kill me. However, you have made a terrible mistake."
Flying towards him, I grabbed his neck and sank my teeth into him. My control was gone and the last thing I heard before I lost myself was Maria's screams, "No! No! NO!"

The light woke me with the screams of police. I looked about me. The room was bloody and destroyed. In one corner lay the priest, his neck was broken and his organs were scattered. On the bed was Maria, she had been raped and shredded, making her discernable to everyone. Everyone except me.
"What have I done?" I muttered horrified.
I rushed to my feet and lifted the head of my love and cradled her broken body. Her eyes were open but dull. She was dead. Looking down, I beheld the torn, bloodied sheets and howled one long, heart-wrenching howl. "I'm a monster!" I whispered and put her head back down.
Footsteps sounded coming up the stairs and men's voices carried with them. I shook my head, "I must flee." Shattering the window, I flew into the sky ignoring the gasps and shocks of the townsfolk. They didn't know what I was or that it was even me. And they never will.
I flew until I could not and fell hard to the earth. Though I did not die physically, my death was already there. I had killed her. I had killed my beloved. All because I was a monster, a demon from hell!
I stumbled into an alley and threw myself into the wall. I wish I could die but where would I go? Is there no world after life for a vampire? Are we forever barred from the light of heaven and the fires of Hell? After all this time, I relished being a vampire but not anymore. I hated it.
"I will NEVER BE A VAMPIRE ANYMORE!" I shouted into the silent world, "I will NEVER TAKE BLOOD AGAIN!" I seemed so empty. All my goals, all my life and happiness were gone. My humanity was shredded and my case was hopeless.

The sunlight peered through the curtains and I opened my eyes. Llyania lay there, her body hadn't moved. She showed no signs of living or changing. I was too late. Carefully, I placed her back onto the bed and got to my feet. The pains of hunger came to me and I nodded, accepting the need to feed. Looking back at her, my love I bent down and kissed her. "Sleep well princess. You are saved now." Capturing her image, I left the room and went to hunt.