I lay at last
in the sanctuary of
my lover's arms.
Finally we found
ourselves alone
after a week and a half
an eternity
spent apart
or in the company of others
who must not guess.
Four days
we'd been betrothed.
Four days hiding our love.
And the morning would take her
send her away from me
part us again
for a few days.
One night we had
to celebrate our love
and recent betrothal
and the blessing of God
upon our union.
Cradling me in
her arms
my lover kissed me
gently at first
but with growing urgency.
Fiercer and fiercer she grew
until her voice was a growl
and she nipped at me like a wolf.
Never careless
but oh, so hungry
my lover drank my
Slipping a strong hand
beneath my shirt
she stroked and caressed
teasing me to full awareness.
Her hands cupped my face
as she kissed deeper and harder
leaving me breathless
and thirsting for more.
She was atop me now,
panting her need
making my head spin
with the force of her love.
Gently, her knee began
to rise between my legs.
I resisted, fearful
but she was insistent.
My body screamed silently
for her touch
for her to take all of me.
Slowly I spread my legs
wide enough for her knee
to find my center and
begin teasing it
testing my strength.
As the urgent kissing
she ground up into me
harder and harder
until my senses
inundated with pleasure
could barely perceive
her whispered, gasped
words of love.
I clung to her
head swimming
glorying in the feel of
her body
tense against mine.
She finally pulled back
asking if I was okay.
In answer I gestured
to where the overflow of my
spread a patch of wet
through my clothing
between my thighs.
Seeking my pleasure
she asked if she
might dare a repeat performance.
My body thirsted to meet
unencumbered by
clothing or rules.
I gasped to her
that we must first
give our promises
before God.
There, together
in our bed,
we swore to love and cherish
each other
No matter what.
Blushing still
from her lovely vows
I let her help me
to stand.
Suddenly fearful
that she could not
find me beautiful
I looked at my feet
as she helped me
remove my clothes
and hers.
Glancing up, I reveled
in the sight of her
gentle curves
round, full breasts
slim hips
perfect beauty.
Meeting her eyes at last
I read her love
and desire for me
a ravenous hunger.
Gently, slowly,
my new handfasted wife
kissed me and guided me
to lay back down.
Skin brushed skin
in the first celebration
of complete abandon.
As she moved her hand
at last
down my stomach
she warned me
that it would hurt
the first time.
I drank her in
until my virgin body
could bear no more.
Slowly, she moved back
careful not to hurt.
Voice a gentle growl
she told me how much
she loved all of me
body and soul.
Then we changed places
my new bride and I
and I explored her.
From gracious lips
to soft, firm breasts
taut with desire
to perfect navel
I charted a course
upon her glorious body.
Hesitantly I explored
a little at a time
listening to
her moans of pleasure.
Sinking at last back
among the pillows
we whispered our love
and our new titles
to each other.
She told me how
proud of me she was
and asked if she had hurt me.
I assured her that the pleasure
was worth it
secretly glad
that she had made the final
conquering of my fortress.
When we slept
at last
I dreamed of our future
opening before us
like a rose
finally crowning with glory
the thorny stem
I was hers
and hers forever
at last.