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Summary: This is about Reliox and Kipali's quest for the Sphere of Glaziodus, in order to protect their people against evil spirits.

The Sphere Of Glaziodus: Chapter 1.

Itras was a small country, stuck between the Jungle of Omoda in the north and the Desert of Talem in the south. People led a simple but happy life. Every Itrasian had a function: farming, herding, hunting and fishing were the most common ones. But there were also some carpenters, blacksmiths, traders and healers. They remained without any contact with other countries, except when the Talemians came, four times a year. They lived in the desert, crossing it again and again. When they arrived to Itras, they could buy food, water and other products and sell their wares as well as those from Lephad. Lephad was the country which stood in the south of the desert. Thanks to the Talemians, trade was possible between the different countries.

In all big towns of Itras, there was a shaman. They could communicate with spirits and guide people thanks to this power. Dilin was the shaman in Poldum. He had taken an apprentice ten months before, since he was getting old. He felt that Wam had a great potential, in spite of his age. He was only thirteen, but it was easier to learn for young people. He would become a powerful shaman.

However, his training didn't satisfy Wam. Even after nearly a year, Dilin was still teaching him theory. Wam kept telling him he was ready for practice, but Dilin only smiled at his enthusiasm: "We are dealing with strong forces. This is not a game. You must know what you are doing before doing it.". But Wam had listened attentively to Dilin's lessons and he had watched him invoking spirits many times. So he knew exactly what he was doing the night he decided to do it by himself, since he couldn't have his master's support. Maybe he didn't want his apprentice to replace him and that was why he kept him from acting.

Wam was now sitting in the middle of the temple. He was concentrating hard. Then he started to utter the formula to invoke spirits. After the second sentence, he felt a force invading his body. It was really disconcerting and he stammered while saying the third sentence. The moment he made the mistake, the force began hurting him. He panicked and the words escaped his mind. What was he supposed to say afterwards? He had lost control of his power. And where was his master? He saw a crack appear in the air in front of him. Shadows were pressing against the opening. He desperately tried to find a solution, and, after two endless minutes, he thought of a formula which could shield him from the spirits. But it was too late. Before he could utter anything, several shadows escaped the crack and lunged at him. Little by little, they took shape and changed from intangible spirits into real beings. A few seconds later, they killed the shaman's apprentice and began devouring him.

In the morning, when Dilin entered the temple, he found the remains of Wam's body. He was horrified at the sight, but before allowing himself to express his sorrow, he focused on the crack, which was still open and let more shadows escape. Thanks to his forty-two years of experience as a shaman, he could concentrate almost instinctively, so he managed to close the crack without difficulty. Then he cried on Wam's death and on his inability to have protected him.

But something had to be done about all the shadows which were now in this world. And Dilin had no idea about what he must do. So, after he had regained his composure, he went into a trance and invoked a spirit which had already guided him. The spirit revealed the spell that would destroy all the Numas, the shadows which could take shape in his dimension. In fact, they only became tangible and dangerous during the night. But, for the spell, Dilin needed a powerful object, the Sphere of Glaziodus, which was to be found in a temple right in the middle of the Jungle of Omoda. Under the influence of the spirit, Dilin drew a map that indicated the location of the Temple of Glaziodus. Then he said to the spirit that he was leaving immediately. But the spirit explained to him that it was impossible. Like all the spirits, the Numas knew the existence of the sphere. Even if most of them would stay in the inhabited regions in order to feed, some of them would go to the jungle to keep anybody from finding the sphere. Only two people could succeed in that mission, and it wasn't even sure that both of them would come back. The spirit indicated to the shaman how he could find the two young men: they were called Reliox and Kipali. Then it disappeared.

First of all, Dilin went to see several of his friends and told them what was happening. He asked them to warn the population. They mustn't stay alone during the night and those who knew how to fight must always have weapons. When it was about midday, he considered that he had warned enough people and that the news was going to spread. So he decided to go and talk with the two young men.

As Reliox was a hunter, Dilin knew he couldn't find him at that time. So he went to the south of the town, where Kipali lived. He was a farmer, so he probably worked near his house. When Dilin arrived there, he found Kipali's two little sisters, who told him where their brother was. In that wheat field, he spotted the young man of his vision. He had a slender figure, though he was muscled by his work in the fields. His skin was tanned, but not much, it was the colour of honey. His hair was light brown and his eyes were green. He was only seventeen years old, but the future of Itras depended on him.

Dilin approached and greeted him. Of course, Kipali knew who he was and felt honoured, but he was also astonished and wondered why the shaman had come to talk to him. Dilin explained the situation to him. Now, Kipali was totally stunned.

"But how could I do that? I'm only a farmer. I don't even know how to fight. You should ask hunters to do it."

"I understand what you think. But, as I told you, the other one is a hunter. And it was revealed to me that you two were the only ones who could succeed. You have been chosen by the spirits. You can refuse to do it, but you will act against your destiny, and against the destiny of all the Itrasians. Can you really do that?"

"You're the shaman. You've always guided us. If you say I'm the only one who can bring back this sphere and protect my people, I'll do it. But, please, leave me some time to talk with my family."

"Of course! I have not spoken to Reliox yet, so you have time. Come to my temple tomorrow morning. Don't forget to take what you need with you: food, water, a fur for sleeping and weapons."

Dilin left and walked towards the northeast of Poldum. When he arrived in front of Reliox's house, it was already the end of the afternoon. So he must have come back from hunting. Dilin entered the house and saw a woman and a young man in the kitchen. He looked like Reliox, but it wasn't him: it was probably his elder brother. Dilin told them he was looking for Reliox and they called him. Somebody got out of another room. Dilin asked him to come outside, because he needed to talk with him. The other two people looked curious, but didn't say anything. After all, he was the shaman and they weren't supposed to question his will. In the sunshine, Dilin could recognize Reliox. Although he was seventeen like Kipali, he had a sturdier figure. Indeed, as a hunter, he had been trained to fighting techniques. He was also taller than the other man. He was dark-haired and brown-eyed, and his tanned skin was like bronze.

Again, Dilin explained the situation and the mission the two young men had to accomplish. Reliox listened to him carefully and felt proud of being chosen. In fact, he was also a bit afraid, but didn't want to show it.

"I'll do my best to protect my people and to be up to the trust you've put in me. I'll leave as soon as you want."

"You can spend the night with your family. Come to my temple tomorrow morning with food, water, a fur for sleeping and your weapons."

Dilin came back to his temple. He felt exhausted, but still had one thing to do. He buried Wam's mutilated body and performed the ritual to help him find peace in the other world. Then he allowed himself to cry, and not only for a few minutes like at the beginning of the day. Still sobbing, he drifted off to sleep.

The following day, he was woken up by Reliox's arrival. The young man was carrying a big sack and was wearing various weapons. His sword was in a sheath fastened around his waist, he had two daggers attached to his thighs and, in his back, there were a bow and a quiver full of arrows.

"You have followed my advice, you are well-equipped.", Dilin pointed out.

"We'll need the blades if we fight against those Numas. And the bow is for hunting, we'll also have to eat. It's a long journey."

Kipali entered the temple at that moment. He looked at the hunter and wondered what use he could be to him in a fight. Reliox looked back at him and noticed immediately that, except his sack, all he had was a sword.

"Hello! You must be Kipali?", Reliox asked with his cheerful voice.

"Hello! Yes, I am. And you're Reliox?", Kipali answered with a shy tone.

"Yes. Well, I know you're a farmer, but we're going to have to fight. Don't you think you should take more weapons?"

"I don't know. In fact, I know nothing about fighting. And this sword belongs to my uncle. I've got nothing else."

"That won't do. We're going north, so we can stop at my house. I'll give you some more."

"I don't want to."

"It's OK. Most members of my family are hunters, so we've got plenty of weapons. And we'll need those more than my family." Reliox smiled at Kipali.

"Thank you." Kipali felt somewhat reassured. The other man was nice with him and, apparently, he knew what to do.

"That problem is now settled. Here is the map I have drawn. There is not much information on it, but I think it will be sufficient. The temple must be easy to spot. But this will be a difficult journey. You must be cautious about the Numas, but also about the other dangers of the jungle. You have been chosen, but you must not be careless because of that. I wish you luck and support from the spirits." Dilin didn't mention that maybe only one of them would bring back the Sphere of Glaziodus. In fact, he couldn't stand thinking of the death of another boy.

The two young men thanked him and left the temple. They proceeded to Reliox's house. His mother was alone in the house. She was surprised and very happy to see her son one more time before he left. She was also glad to meet his companion. Reliox entered another room and came back with two daggers, which were just like the two he was wearing. He squatted down in front of Kipali and attached the two weapons to his thighs.

"Do you feel comfortable like that?", Reliox asked him.

"I think it's a bit tight."

"If it isn't, it won't hold.", Reliox commented, but he loosened them a bit. "Is it better now?"

"Yes. Thanks." Kipali smiled at him. He thought that Reliox was really nice and that they would probably become good friends.

Reliox gave his mother a goodbye kiss. The two men got out of the house. And, a few minutes later, they left the town of Poldum.

To be continued.

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