A Larger Summery-

Genres: Mainly fantasy with added adventure (questing), loads of action (battle), comedy, slight romance (Part 2), a touch of identity mystery and much more.

Shown Summery: Kari is mysteriously transported from Earth to Armanx, a land of magic and danger, and the ever-growing threat of the feared Wielder- searching for powerful crystals- and to kill her. R/R!

A Little Extra: Kari is a 16 year old teen from Washington. Walking through an alley, she comes across a glowing blue orb. Being curious, she steps through it, and is transported to the world of Armanx. She finds that she has been drawn there to complete a quest- one of danger and adventure. There were once five Sorceresses, the Creations, who had (obviously) created the lands. But another crystal, the beginning of the lands (Darkness), is also abroad. Her mission: to find all five crystals, which will lead her to the One of Darkness, which she is to destroy. Easy? I think not. She isn't the only one searching for the crystals. Two other parties are as well. One known one, the feared Wielder, who has the power to bring darkness and destruction upon the world if he gains the crystals. The second is feared, known well, yet not thought of often- Nisus, king of Alraska- The Devil. With these two after the crystals, as well as a group of riders called Zairian, Kari's mission deems impossible, especially when she finds out there is a traitor about, and a close friend at that.

(Not the best summery, but enough I guess. Please read and review!)


I sat in my leather chair, watching the fire crackle merrily in the hearth. I close my eyes, breathing deeply and relishing the moment of peace. I haven't had much for a while, being burdened with my second child. My first, a son of six winters I call Daniel, sits upon the frayed rug at my feet, creating more paper masterpieces.
I stared at the wall to my right, bathed in merry light and supporting shadows that dance along it. My old armor hangs upon the wall, its bright sheen now dull as the metal collects dust. I can barely see my reflection in it now, so the mirror suffices. My husband's resides next to it, much more battle worn than mine, but never the less there.
I smiled as old memories flooded through my mind. Memories of questing, battles long past, old friends and anew. Memories of Jant and Laos, Rhyes and the hydra. I remember my feats I would have thought impossible for a person such as myself. I remember my homeland.
Such memories flee from my head as my husband walks in. He is tall among men in our village. He has bright blue eyes, and dark brown hair, cleanly cut unlike some of the long-haired mongrels around about. A newly grown beard accompanies that. He is dressed in a brown cloak, and I can guess that pants and a light shirt beneath.
I smiled happily at him, knowing my eyes show dark circles of my exhaustion. He walks around the room, tidying up you might say. With a chuckle he lifts Daniel from the ground and swings him around. My little son shrieks in delight, throwing his paper creations all about the room.
With a smile and laugh my husband lowered Daniel back to the ground, where he promptly went back to his paper. My husband walked to me, embracing me and touching my round belly.
"You alright?" His deep tones relaxed me.
"I am six months due, how could I not be?"
He smiled and kissed me. Looking down at the paper and eagle feather quill in my hand, he raised his head. A smile lingered in the eyes, as well as his mouth.
"So, you're finally starting it? I can finally know of your journeys? The whole, story?"
"Aye," I replied. "I yearned to write them, and now shall accomplish the task, though it shall take a toll upon me. A great amount of time and money as well, I daresay." I smiled up at him.
"I shall pay for all as long as I can read it." He smiled at me again.
"Wonderful," I laughed. "Stop looking at me like that or I shall forget to write it."
"Nay! I'll waste away if you don't, and then what'll you have?" he grinned, something I have not seen him do for a while.
The wars have long been past, but small riots form, and my husband, being a man of honor and love for his village, joins them. I fear for his safety. The rebellious people are nothing compared to those of Nisus, but still deadly and destructive. We've lost a score of sheep to them, and I fear for my family's wellbeing.
"What burdens you?" The gentle words caressed my mind as I thought of wary thoughts.
"The battles," I replied truthfully.
My husband waved his hand. "Nothing to trouble your mind with. Little things, nothing compared to our greater days," he grinned, remembering as well.
"Aye, a woman's thought," I answered.
"Nay, a man's as well. You and I share, I am to say."
"Well then, if we are to share thoughts, tell me of what I am thinking."
He saw me glance towards Daniel and smiled. "That we have a tired son that needs sleep?"
I smiled and threw my pen at him, of which he caught easily and tossed back to me. I smiled and thought how to begin my story; my life. I listened to the waning sounds of my husband and son and looked at the fire.
Shapes leapt at me, all familiar. Dragons and Gryphinx. Man and beast alike. I smiled. For people to read, they must at first understand. I lowered my pen to the paper and began to scratch away, occasionally dipping my pen into the inkwell.

* * *