Chapter 4

On the Way to School

"I still don't see why we have to go to school," said Lucille angrily. "It's not like we don't know most of what they'll teach us!"

"We still have to keep up pretenses," explained Nicholas. "We might actually make some friends this year."

"Nick, every parent in Rangoun has told their spawn to stay away from us." Lucille was depressingly realistic. "If anybody even speaks to us it'll be to tease us. Or say something mean. Or worst of all, to be overly friendly." She gulped dramatically.

"A.k.a. try to be nice!" said Nicholas. "Nevermind. Besides, going to school will give us a whole new spectrum of people and places to wreak havoc on."

"And more people to blame it on!" shrieked Lucille.

Nicholas smiled. "But dear sister," he said sarcastically. "We should always take responsibility for our actions."

Lucille giggled. "And we will, dearest brother. As Pain and Poison!" She cackled evilly.

"Why is your name first?" Nicholas demanded. "You always go first!"

"Because I'm oldest."

"By a grand total of thirteen seconds. It should be Poison and Pain."

"Pain and Poison."

"Poison and Pain."

"Pain and Poison!"

"Poison and Pain!"

Thus they continued all the way to the bus stop. They only stopped when the bus driver yelled at them to get on the bus. The argument ended abruptly as every single child on the bus stared at them.

"How do you do?" asked Nicholas politely.

"It's rude to stare," pointed out Lucille.

"But dearest sister," continued Nicholas. "We mustn't be rude to our peers." Lucille cackled as they sat down on a seat towards the back and began their ride to school.


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