Jezebel sat at the metal desk in her room. The walls were black, all but one, it had pictures of her favorite bands, her friends and bloody pictures off the web site she created. She sat there trying deseprealty to grasp at an idea, that she would nurtur into a great story. Her muses death, torture and hatred towards the perfect people of the world weren't helping. To the east of her small cell like room her brothers rap pulsed through the walls and was probably what was keeping her three muses at bay. To the west, lay her sister , her older stepsister. She hated her family, the world, anything that moved and was cute and fuzzy.
Jezebel unlike her other two clueless siblings she wasn't spoiled, nor was he perfect. Her father committed suicide after his father left no inheritance to his oldest son. Her mother was a hateful golddigger and never liked the fact that Jezebel was into the antisocial lifestyle. Her stepfather was a BMW dealership owner so money was always abundant to everyone but her. Jezebel didn't care. Monica turned her stereo up even louder, some dumb boy band, to cover the fact that her "friend" was over. Jezebel turned on her stereo to some Rob Zombie, went to open the window and sat on the ledge.
Her little pure white kitten, Rabbit, jumped onto her lap. She found in her squalling in a rabbit cage in an old abandoned warehouse in the district. That's how she came to be named Rabbit. Jezebel pet Rabbits ears and scratched her chin. As the kitten began to fall asleep from her mama's attention to such spots Jezebel noticed that Monica's music was turned down some. She picked Rabbit up and sat her gently on the bed. Jezebel then climbed out the window to see if Monica's "friend" had left yet. The bright yellow Jetta was gone.
Back inside her room she heard Monicas door slam shut and hers open. Jezebel climbed back into her bedroom from off the little roof edge she was spying off of. Once the door opened she grabbed Rabbit into her arms and sat in her skull head beanbag chair. Monica walked in the door and stood for a moment, she blew a bubble with her overly sweet gum. Great she owns me now, stupid bitch. Jezebel thought to herself. It was true; Monica was second queen in the house, whatever she wanted she got, whenever.
"What you want?" Jezebel asked with all the restraint she had. Her teeth grinding, she wanted to kill her in her sleep, no wait that would be to good for her.
"Nothing, you freak. So shut the hell!" Monica responded with spit flinging out her mouth. She walked to the other side of the room from Jezebel and sat on the Twin bed, which Monica gave to Jezebel when she out grew the cot she had.
Monica stared at Jezebel with her big dopey hazel eyes. Great a staring contest she fall asleep before I lose. A test of wills between them was what their sharing third floor was. Monica smiled, and pulled out a Virginia Slim, and a fancy Zippo that her "friend" gave her. She lit it up, as Jezebel went to put the fan into the window, Monica pulled the cord out of the wall. Jezebel turned and gave her a smile. Monica laughed.
As Monica was finishing her cigarette Jezebel had come up with a plan to stop her weekly smoke breaks. See like all the good girls do in New Orleans, Monica had a secret. A secret that would bring her place in the ranks of popularity down to zero if anyone found out. The bad thing is, well at least for Monica, is that her worst enemy holds the key to the secret.
While Monica and her posse of soon to be knocked up useless trophy wives, are at the malls and the little shops. Her friends are checking the guys out, Monica isn't. No Jezebel has nothing against the followers of the rainbow, but she sure as the rainfalls hates Monica. Monica has a "friend" that visits every week, Olivia is her name. After every visit, Monica comes to Jezebel's room and has her after sex nicotine. She is trying to get Jezebel in trouble for smoking. Still has yet to even make her mother and step father even the slight suspicious.
Monica pulls out another Slim and lights it also. A few puffs and Jezebel decides that its time to put her plan to action. She moves farther into the bean bag chair, she hikes her short red and black plaid skirt with kinky chains up to show some thigh. Monica takes a harder drag of her Slim this time. God what a damn nymphomaniac! Humph this will be so easy! Jezebel thinks to herself as she waves her hand in a flirty 'gosh is it hot in here' wave, and undoing her three top buttons on her white schoolgirl blouse. Her cleavage and her white lacy bra was showing. She squirmed in the beanbag chair as she let her hand crawl down her stomach and into her white panties.
"SHIT!" Monica screamed out loud making Rabbit jump off the bed and crawl under it in hiding. The cherry on Monica's cigarette burnt all the way down to her hand. Monica dropped it onto the black shag covered floor. While Monica was whimpering over her poor ickle finger Jezebel stood up and stepped on it. Monica was on her knees trying to find her Zippo; she had dropped it when her cigarette burnt her, when Jezebel stepped on the Slim in front of her she followed every inch of her leg up to her face.
Monica stood up what the fuck was going on, she she was supposed to be scared of her but now she's head of the roost or something. Monica just starred at Jezebel with her dumb hazel eyes wide in shock. She started to tremble as Jezebel reached out towards her, grabbing her pink mini shirt, and pulling her closer to herself. What's going on has she lost it? Is she like high or something? What if Joey walks in? God oh God! Monica stood still scared to move.
Jezebel laughed to herself when she saw Monica flinch when she moved her arm down towards her shirt. The power trip, like candy in her mouth. Monica was truly scared no terrified of her.
Jezebel had originally planed to just kiss her, tough down her throat, that type of thing but this this power she had over Monica was addictive. She changed her mind and lifted her shirt up with one hand, pulling back the thin fabric of her thong. Monica's eyes rolled back into her head, and a sign escaped her lips. I know your secretes Monica, I know it!
Jezebel let her hand wander to the spot and then when Monica opened her eyes, the slightest hint of love or kindness shown to Jezebel in that one moment, Jezebel shoved her index and middle finger as deep as she could into Monica. The look in Monica's eyes made Jezebel want to dance in a ring of fire.
Monica screamed in pain as she fell onto the bed behind her. Jezebel just laughed, then climbed onto the bed and lay besides her.
Monica started to cry, Jezebel looked at her and smiled an evil yet happy grin.
"How did you find out?" Monica asked in an almost painful way. "Did you fucking spy on us does that get you off!" she stood up off the bed.
"Oh no Monica hurting you gets me off you dumb bitch!" she lied but enjoyed it. " It wasn't brain surgery! I mean come on?! Olivia comes over once every week you never talk to her, about her and you always turn your stereo up half and hour before she has to leave!" Jezebel explained. Duh it's written all over your face you more on! She thought to herself.
"What do you want?" Monica asked in a meek voice. This was a sentence never used by her vocal cords. Its usually 'I want!'
"Excuse me? I don't think I heard you correctly, did you.." Jezebel asked but Monica cut her off.
"Look freak if any one finds out about Olivia and my life is through!" she took a deep breath and finished, " so what do you want in return for you silence?"
", Joey, my mom and your asswhole of a father dead would be nice but I have to settle with you..not smoking in my room after her visits. And trying to get me nailed for smoking." Jezebel was happy she had Monica her worst of her problems right where she needed her, under her control.
" Fine I got it. You silent." she made a motion between her and Jezebel." About this, it never happened!" she then turned and made her way out the door with a slam behind her. Rabbit meowed in terror as the door shut and the anhk fell to the floor.
"Don't worry Rabbit, I think I like how this turned out, even more so then I thought I would." She told the kitten as she picked her up and scratched the backs of her small ears.