The raver was right. Girls were lined up in front of the old factory, not even scared of the fuzz stopping to ask about their being on the warehouse district at 2:00 in the morning. Men with glittery lipgloss on and tight hot pants stood among them in the throng. Feathery boas, fishnets, bad perfume and too much eyeliner, equal one frisky mosh pit.
Jezebel didn't get to park the car before Roofie got out and head towards the broken down door of the factory, disappearing into the dark. Yeah see ya later dude! I'll catch up with you later. Feeling a little left out. She parked the car and shook the feeling from her body. Roofie was always leaving her behind. Only the strong survive. She told herself as she locked the Cherokee. On the way towards the rave, she tried to figure out if she was the strongest, or is Roofie was because he didn't need anyone for attachment.
"Jezebel, you you haven't been to to Jaspers ra ra raves. Wha wha why?" Studders a cute boyish faced teenager, with the greenest eyes Jezebel had ever seen, wrapped his arm around her shoulders and squeezed his hardest.
"Ain't had a ride Studders, how ya been?" she asked as she wrapped her arms around him and squeezed even harder than he was. She squeezed him, he squeezed back. Studders gave in with the sound of a high pitched squeak. Jezebel looked up at him with shock, and let him go. They walked into the rave holding hands.
A thing wouldn't be what you would call Jezebel and Studders. More like a connection. Things were passed between them without words. They officially going out, but nobody messed with Jezebel, nor with Studders.

Crazed frisky girls with fairy wings,
Neon flashing lights,
A fog machine,
Glow sticks attached to anything that can handle a string being tied to it,
Glittery faces, arms, legs, clothes,
EXstacy being passed out to everyone.

Jezebel needed something to drink, she knew not to drink from the makeshift bar, bad experience. Jasper had set up rooms, away from the main party room where him and his friends could hang. Big Igloo coolers were full of ice and Pepsi's. Jezebel walked away from all the chaos that was so wonderful in her mind. The dancing bodies pressed together in a drunken stupor, not caring what they were doing, dancing just dancing.
Jezebel reached through the deep cold ice, grabbed a Pepsi, her body shivered from the shock of the extreme heat to the utmost cold. With the crisp crack of the seal of the can, she heard a gasp followed by a mumbled angry voice. Another voice scared and a of a woman spoke fast and hurried. Jezebel was about to walk away when she heard the sound of flesh on flesh. The woman screamed, and the mans voice spoke maliciously back to her. Those girls out front don't do S and M? Do they?
Jezebel's conscience told her legs to move to where her ears heard the sound. Jezebel wasn't the nosy girl in school, quiet the opposite. Today something about this situation made her noisy.
As Jezebel inched closer the people's conversation become clearer.
Around the corner down the hall from the drink room Jasper set up, light was escaping from underneath a closed office door. Morning was approaching and the night's once impenetrable darkness was now disappearing. Jezebel had to be sneaky and quiet if she wanted to keep from being caught.
She tiptoed lightly down the hallway. The buckles on her boots making it harder for her to be quiet. Stopping in her tracks she kneeled down and undid her boots. Left one, set it to the side, then the right one.
She continued down the hall and turned into the once perfect office room that was to the right of the room where the man and woman were still fighting. She closed the door, a loud screech issuing from it, making the man stop his talking. Jezebel bit her tongue and hoped that for her sake they didn't notice. Jezebel slowed her breathing so she could her the conversation better. The pulsing of the rave music loud enough that she could still hear it.
".the deal is off Ivy. I won't service your girls any you don't believe me? I'm sending you proof of it here soon." The man chuckled. Was he talking to himself? Jezebel heard crying, a soft pitiful sound. The woman must be his proof. Well I guess I can leave now.
".your girls are ruining my business!" the man yelled." I service the big guys here Ivy!.No you don't...I'm talking bout the damn mob bosses of New Orleans, the whore the senator." Jezebel was enjoying the conversation with this idiot and 'Ivy'.
Holding her hand to her mouth, while she laughed top the pathetic conversation, she noticed red and blue flashing lights outside. Shit the rave, the fuzz is busting people! She jumped up. Stumbling over a rusty chair to get to the window, Studders, once beat senseless in JDC, was being tazered. Roofie was being shoved into a large bus like vehicle, along with drugged up fairy winged girls.
Jezebel now to worried to be aware of the situation, banged on the window, screaming to the police for ' their asses to let Roofie go', and to 'stop tazering Studders, you dumb fuzz'll kill him!'
As the police put all the ravers into buses and flung Studders limp body into the back of a cruiser, tears ran down her face. Roofies mum and dad wouldn't pay three pennies to bail their son out of jail. Roofies would never be ever to go home again. By morning his stuff will be out by the curve in garbage bags. Mean old heroin shooting, crack smoking, bingeing.
" How the hell are you?" Jezebel was broken from her thoughts, turned around and faced the voice that was tormenting the unknown woman. She turned all the way around and slid to the ground as the man walked closer.
Black Armani suit, blue dress shirt, and shoes from Italy. Shaken not stirred. Jezebel thought to herself as the sweat flowed into her eye and blurred her vision.
" Raver, non the less. Why are you in this room?" Jezebel was scared to talk that or she froze. " Answer me," as he kicked her shin.
" scream, I heard a uhm a scream." Jezebel was never scared of people but this man warned every instinct inside her. They told her to run, far away from this monster.
The man reached for Jezebel's hair and pulled her to her feet. She watched in pain as he looked her up and down, like a surveyor might a piece of land. He shook his head. Looked her in the face, told her to turn around. She did not wanting to test this mans limits. When it seemed he was done he reached into his waistband and pulled out a small caliber handgun, pointed it at Jezebel and said "walk"