Chapter One

*She hates me.* I smiled in satisfaction at this. *She fears my friends.*

Dr. Lewis looked me up and down. If she could have prodded me, she would have.

"Sit down please."

She seemed polite enough, but her aura oozed fear and mistrust-though there was also an air of curiosity. I wondered what the others had told her. *Well, if she's looking for I should give it to her.*

I was a 'good, gentle' patient, so they allowed me to walk attended by only one guard, and allowed me to keep my kitten with me. Of course, if anyone tried to take her from me, I would be forced to do things both I and they would regret. Mostly them.

Catching the doctor's gaze, I morphed into my true form for a millisecond. To my delight, I saw her reel back in surprise.

"Do you mind?" I asked, a devious smile playing across my face, "I'm more comfortable in my true form."

"Sure," the doctor said, attempting to regain her confidence.

I changed, and while stretching the large white wings upon my back, I accidentally broke off the back of the chair.

"Oops," I said, "Sorry about that."

My cat jumped out of my lap and began playing with my wing feathers. I turned my once-black, now green eyes upon the doctor. I saw her eyes ever so slightly widen at the power I displayed.

"Well, now what did you want with me?"

"You seem...nicer...than your friends," she said, avoiding the question.

I glared at her.

"You only say that because I am an angel-an embodiment of *your* god," I spat, for this common misconception made me angry, "I am fallen. You have my record. Look at it and still tell me I am *nice*."

Dr. Lewis glanced down, reading the lines of *murder, murder, attempted murder, manslaughter*-the list went on. Her eyes widened.

"You are a murderer," she said in a quiet, angry tone. She obviously had not taken the time to look at my record before.

"Like my friends?" I voiced the unspoken part of her sentence. "The only reason I have so much on my record is because when I kill people, I stick around-make sure everyone else is okay."

I smiled. "Why should I get away it? I am guilty. But when people see me, they take a liking to me. Why? I don't know."

Dr. Lewis' eyes narrowed as she attempted to study me further; dissecting me with her eyes. I found myself getting tired of this game between the doctor and myself. I stood up, making way towards the door.

"Hey! You can't just le-"

"Alright," I smirked, "I won't touch the door."

I motioned to the guard that I would be back in my cell, picked up my kitten, and he started to walk off as I disappeared.

I giggled as if I were high, once I got back to the cell. What fun, scaring people. I had only gotten a glimpse of the doctor's incredulous expression before returning to the dreariness of my cell walls. Then I sighed. It was kind of pitiful if that was all the amusement I could find around here. I longed to see the outdoors, but I could not just leave without finishing our purpose. A purpose I knew, but no one else...yet.

Never getting the hang of sleeping on my stomach or upright, I changed back to my human form. I lay down and was soon dozing off.


I awoke to a hand on my shoulder gently shaking me.

"You must awake now," the guard, smiling, "I think you will like this turn of events."

"Huh?" I dropped off the bed onto the *concrete* floor.

After I swore and jumped around a bit clutching my hip, I followed the guard out to the hall. With my cat prancing along behind me, we made an odd procession, and I could only laugh at what we must look like. After a few turns, I recognized the route to the doctor's room.


The guard interrupted. "You'll see."

I frowned. Yet, the guard was a pretty nice person, hopefully everything was ok. As I walked in and saw who was waiting, a smile spread across my face.



My good friend ran towards me and tried to hug me. I punched her lightly in the arm as we took seats next to each other. I waved my hello to the others as they entered: Macar, Kaia, Ana, Tyron, and Genie.

I animatedly started talking to Soni about a book I had wanted her to read-before we got captured, of course. I was rudely interrupted by Dr. Lewis demanding that we be quiet. I glared at her, but she wasn't watching.

At this point, several things started to happen. I suppose [as usual] I had not been notified of some sort of had summoned up a fireball, and Macar and Soni were approaching Dr. Lewis menacingly. I looked around at everyone's true forms before I realized they were waiting for me to change also. The adrenaline started pumping through my veins, and my wings appeared quickly, far quicker than usual. The tenseness of the air could have been sliced through with a knife.

Before any of us could do anything, the guards shot each of their captives. I was not too concerned, because I knew my friends' body systems would handle the drugs quickly, especially Genie's, whose blood would quickly dilate the drug's power. Her guards knew this and moved her away quickly. Dr. Lewis motioned towards me when my guard did not shoot me. I shrugged innocently and my wings disappeared with my loss of adrenaline when he turned to me-what had I done?

The doctor looked furious as I waved a farewell and walked calmly out the door with my guard escort behind me. Only two times I had seen her, and thrown her in a fit. I smiled, and turned to the guard out in the hall.

"If I were to escape now, would you let me?"

He shook his head stiffly.

"Sorry, but it's my job. I really need the money."

I sighed. He was going to lose it anyway.

"Well, if I'm getting the right tonight. Something's going to happen; I read it in my friends' eyes. Unless you want to become part of a fiery explosion, most likely caused by a pyrokinetic, I suggest you leave tonight."

He looked grim and thoughtful as I walked into my cell. I saw the shadow of a smile as he deliberately turned his back to face the hall. He usually stood on an angle to be able to look in the hall and cell at the same time. I understood.

"Goodbye" graced the air as I 'poofed' away, laying a hand across my kitten's back.

The guard didn't look back.