Chapter Four

I glanced around at the surrounding area. It was a small city, yet seemingly rich. The houses were large, and the streets were clean. I bet every person in the place owned some sort of car. And a cell phone. I rolled my eyes. Just like home.

"I wonder if they've got any weaponry stores," mused Soni aloud.

I looked at her weird, "This place looks like all it'll have is clothing."

Kaia shook her head, "There's got to be something somewhere."

I turned towards Kaia and gave her the same look. "That was so obscure I won't even comment on it."

"You just did," Kaia smiled, "Besides, I'm right. This place is so rich; there's bound to be all sorts of specialty stores around."

Soni snorted, "Perfume specialty stores maybe. Avatre and I grew up 'round a city like this. The only fixation any people have here are clothing and clothing."

"And no sort of acceptation for anyone who thinks any different," I mumbled to myself.

My kitty rubbed up against my leg, trying to make me feel better. I smiled. Usually Dusk was much like me, refusing to show care to anyone. The three of us who could speak fell silent as we continued walking towards a large complex that seemed to be a mall. I started wondering how the hell we were going to get anything in a mall, considering we had a dire lack of money. And how the hell I was going to pull off a cat in a mall. I suppose I'd just have to make everyone forget. I sighed; it was such a waste of energy, but less troublesome.

When we arrived in the large, shiny, rich-looking mall, I spotted several high-heeled girls with short little purses on their arms and a smile played around my lips. As they passed, my hand very quickly shot into an open purse and pulled on a wallet. Concealing it in my palm, I giggled slightly. The only one who had noticed any movement were Kaia and Dusk.

"Let's head over to the chairs," I called to the rest of the group.

We moseyed on over to the lounge area, where there were comfy chairs. As I inspected my find, Soni ventured a question.

"Did you cheat getting that?" she looked at me sideways as I shook my head.

"Nah, no powers. That was pure skill," I grinned as I riffled through the money that was in there.

I also looked at the high school I.D. card that was in there. Apparently this girl was slightly younger, but dressed extremely slutty. I mean, she looked like a hooker on this card. I shrugged and threw away the wallet with everything except the cash. There was maybe fifty dollars, give or take.

"Anyone else want to try?" I asked Kaia and Soni.

"Oh I want to," grinned Soni, "You'll back us up if we mess up right?"

" 'Course," I answered, "What are friends for?"

After several more successful pick-pocketing missions, we all decided that we'd split up for a while and meet back in two hours. We each had about a hundred dollars by the end of the thieving. Kaia was a little surprised at the lack of notice people had about being robbed, but Soni and I were well used to these people who came to the mall weekly, spending spare money constantly on useless things.

My train of thought drifted to memories of a time where we all were as normal as we could ever get. I shook my head and my thick, dark hair rippled side to side. Was there anything I really needed from here anyway? I kept seeing clothes store after clothes store.

Well, I really didn't need anything material (besides weapons which there was no sign of-surprise) so perhaps I would just go get food. I high-tailed it towards the scent of food; the last time I ate was in the asylum. To my [not] surprise, Kaia and Soni were also sitting there munching on delectable foods. Soni was flirting with two guys in the corner in a Lord of The Rings Trading Card Game match. I rolled my eyes; not a day out of the institute and she was after the boys.

Well, they were pretty cute. I walked over towards Soni, and grabbed her by the arm.

"Sorry if my friend's bothering you here," I said, dragging Soni behind me.

"Eh, I'll see you around I guess," Soni called back.

"Bye," they both replied, and turned back to their game.

We went back to go sit with Kaia, where she was devouring a pour sandwich.

"Don't you plan on eating anything besides the meat?" Soni asked, wrinkling her nose, "You carnivorous person."

"Be quiet, Soni," Kaia said through a mouthful of meat, well used to Soni's vegetarian lectures.

"So where are we meeting the other guys anyway?" I asked.

Kaia looked up. "You know what our original plan was. I would assume we find our own way there."

I sighed, "But I'd like a bit of freedom before I go back, as fun as it is messing with people's minds."

My cat meowed, and Kaia gave her some food.

"I think we'd all like a bit of freedom," Kaia said.

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