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Joel ran, leaving his drunken father unconscious on the couch behind him. His clothing was torn and Joel's legs bled. He ran out the front door, slamming the wooden slab in his wake. The expressionless plank looked on as Joel attempted to run down the street, though he was unable to stop limping. His eyes were frantic, searching for a quick escape from the slow and painful torture he had just endured. He hurt. Joel's father had torn him, both physically and mentally, and he longed to return the favour but could not.

He kept hobbling down the road as the cold moonlight shone down upon him. It was a frosty night and the air was silent, waiting for that inevitable moment when the sun would rise and the birds would begin to sing once more.

The sun wouldn't rise in Joel's eyes. Nothing would ever violate the darkness.

As though on auto, Joel climbed the tree outside his boyfriend Peter's house. He pulled himself up stiffly, wincing when the pain became too much. Blood still poured down his legs and the rips in his clothing worsened. Once perched on a solid branch, Joel hesitated.

'What am I doing here?' he thought quickly. 'I can't do this. I can't get Pete involved. He…'

His thoughts were interrupted as Peter opened the window opposite him. His tousled golden-brown stuck out at odd angles and his brilliant emerald green eyes blinked, love and concern smouldering at their cores. Peter had had a sleepy frown on his face.

"Hey, sweetie. What are you doing out here so late? You'll catch your death! Come on in."

He gestured for Joel to follow him inside, then gasped as the moonlight hit him, throwing Joel's condition into lucidity.

"Oh my god! Baby, are you alright? Honey, what happened?"

Peter pulled Joel through the window, softening his grasp as he heard his love moan in pain. Once through the window, Joel broke down completely. He clung to Peter and sobbed into his shoulder, having finally found his single source of security. Peter, though confused by the state Joel was in, held him and stroked his hair, his back, whispering soothing words into Joel's ear.

They stayed like this for hours, Joel crying and Peter comforting. Soon the sobbing subsided and Joel simply clung to Peter, afraid that if he let go he would be lost to the darkness. A soft voice cut through the deafening silence.

"He hit you again, didn't he?"

Joel trembled but loosened his grip on Peter. "He…" Joel started, on the verge of tears again. "He found out about us, Pete!"

"Fuck!" Peter swore, knowing how homophobic Joel's father was. "Fuck! Jesus!" Finally he pulled himself together.

"What did he do?" he asked as though afraid to hear the answer.

"He… He said that I was a dirty, unclean whore," Joel spat out. "And he said that he may as well make use of my 'services'." Peter thought he knew where this was going and felt his skin crawl.

"He pulled me onto the couch and… and ripped off my clothes." Joel was unable to continue and had tears pouring down his face. Peter pulled him closer to him and encircled him in his arms. He was now in tears as well.

"Oh, baby. I'm so sorry."

Joel sniffed, and then drew back, darkness invading the light in his eyes. He shuttered, shielding himself from the pain he was about to feel.

"I… shouldn't have come here. I'm sorry."

"What do you mean? Of course you should have come here!" Peter objected. "Sweetie -" He raised Joel's chin so that he could look him in the eyes. Peter was disconcerted to see the darkness of Joel's eyes. "I love you. I'll protect you." He smiled weakly.

Joel, however, looked at the ground sullenly, and mumbled, "I don't deserve that love. I'm no use to you. I'm dirty, unclean. I'm… used goods."

Peter drew back; disgusted at the way Joel's father had warped his thinking. The thought that Joel actually believed himself to be those things was sickening! What had he done to him?

"Is that all you think I want you for? Your body? Babe, you should know me better than that!" he scolded gently. "I love you, your personality. And of course you deserve that love! You're an amazing person Joel and you've brought so much happiness to my life."

Joel looked up slowly, the darkness in his eyes slowly retreating. "You don't want to dump me?" he asked meekly.

"Of course not! You are my everything Joel and I couldn't bear to be without you."

Joel smiled and moved closer to his love. Peter embraced him as he asked, "Can… can I stay here for a few days?"

Peter grinned. "Of course. You can stay here forever if you want. I certainly wouldn't object."

"I'm going to need my stuff though…" Joel said, fear creeping into his voice.

"Sweetie, I'll get it," was the reassuring reply.

"Are you sure?" Joel asked, not wanting to be too much trouble.


Joel frowned. "Just promise me that you'll run if he sees you."

"Of course. Now, you need rest. Do you want me to call the ambulance?" Peter asked, concerned for his love.

"No, I'll be fine. And please don't call the police," Joel begged, desperate for his father to be left alone, though he didn't know why he should feel compassion for the horrid man. "I couldn't bear for him to go to jail."

Peter frowned, confused about Joel's sudden change of heart. "But baby, he raped you!"

"I know. Believe me, I know. Just… don't."

Peter sighed, conceding defeat. "Alright."

He picked up the exhausted boy and took him into the bathroom where he carefully cleaned all of Joel's wounds. Then Peter dressed the delicate boy and wrapped him in the soft blankets on his bed. As Peter laid down beside Joel, who was already sleeping, he restrained himself from screaming out loud. He was so angry and worried he could barely think straight. As he regained some semblance of control over his emotions he thought furiously, binding himself to the job of protecting Joel no matter what.

'That bastard will never hurt my baby again! He can't. I won't let him. If I need to sacrifice myself, so be it! I love him too damn much to see him hurt.'

Peter lay there, Joel in his arms, waiting hours before the sun touched the dew-ridden grass on the lawn and a haunted sleep finally took him.

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