A/n: I wrote this when I was twelve, so it's kinda childish, but I still like it. I was totally in love with this one guy, but he never even noticed me. Well, you'll see.


In my dreams
I stare at you from across the room.
The music plays.
I see you get up.
You come to me.
I hear thunder, I think,
But it is only my heart.
You hold out your hand.
Without a word
I grasp it in mine.
You lead me to the middle of the floor -
Your arms around my waist,
Mine around your neck.
Slowly, you lead me around the room.
And your eyes . . .
Are they Blue? Brown? Green?
It doesn't matter.
Nothing matters.
You are staring at me,
Deep down into my soul.
Eyes for only me.
But only in my dreams.


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~ Erik's Angel ~