Click, hum the mother shut the door to the dryer. She began to walk from the laundry room, through the kitchen, to the edge of the living room. The laundry room was on the back end of the house. It was also called the mudroom and it opened up into the dog yard. The laundry room connects to the kitchen. From the laundry room it is a straight walk to the living room. Well, after the mother, we'll call her Karen to protect her identity, turned on the dryer she walked from the laundry room to the edge of the living room. About this time two loud thuds could be heard from the laundry room. Then came a loud MEOW. The mother looked at her daughter, who up until this time was watching television. They exchanged a look of realization. The mother raced back to the laundry room. The daughter following closely behind.
The daughter reached the door of the laundry room shortly after her mother. She got there just in time to see the door of the dryer open. The hum of the dryer stopped. A puffed up ball of orange and white fur came running out of the dryer. Karen and her daughter looked at each other once again and they exchanged knowing glances.
The dryer had overheated and wasn't running. So, Karen had opened the door to let it cool off. The cat, Cheerios, climbed into the nice, toastie- warm dryer and went to sleep. When the dryer had cooled Karen closed the door and turned it on, not realizing that Cheerios was in there. She then walked towards the living room before hearing the cat. The cat was fine. They ran to check it after it ran out of the room. It was O.K., nothing more than a bit shaken up. The mother and daughter began to llaugh, not being able to hold it in anymore. They laughed for relief because the cat was fine and for the fact that they couldn't believe the
cat climbed in there. Cheerios has not gone near the dryer since.

I know it is sort of childish but I wrote it back in high school and I love
this story. And yes before you ask it really did happen and the cat is fine. This story actually gets told constantly in my family and tale grows with each telling so I thought I might share the origins of the tale. Hope
you enjoy.
~Moonlight Silver Wolf