Shiroi maruga tsumetai hikaride kagayaku
(White circle shines with a cold light)

Soreno sei dekiga kuruisouda
(it's driving me crazy)

I'm dreaming of the perfect sky.
The moon in her arc bathing me in a cold light.
Ice-fire in my veins consuming me from the inside.

You're always looking for new high.
A way to get closer to God.
I've got your path to God right here,
Just a little kiss—You won't feel a thing.

Under your spell.
Grant me release.
Take all that I am—part
Love, part hunger, part thief.

Your skin so perfect, so pale—unbroken.
My body longs for your heat.
My lust— unspoken.

Your body—
The moonlight—
So tempting.
My thirst for you is growing.
Can you see it, reflected in soulless eyes?
I'm the shadow. You're the real thing.
Only you can redeem me,
Make me feel alive.

Drowning in your mortality,
Waning beauty swallowed by the darkness,
Longing for an escape.
One night you'll see,
The only thing that can do the trick
For you is someone like me.

Under your spell.
Break it.
All I can promise you
Is a final release.

Kireina kubi
(Pretty neck)
Setsubou na kuchi
(Hungering mouth)
Shiroi kiba
(White fangs)
Akai kuchibiru
(Red lips)

Teo somaru ketsuni
(Hands dyed in blood)

Under your spell.
Set me free.
Take all I can give you—
My love and eternity

This gift, this curse— My adoration
This kiss, your blood— My salvation

Kimi to boku tomo
(you and I together)
Tsukiakari de
(in the moonlight)