The "Don't Need It" Stuff
I woke up one morning,
The stench of my breath was strong
I passed the dull toothbrush for the electric one,
But the electric one was gone.
I slipped my feet in bed slippers,
But I felt only the rug instead.
My slippers were gone too.
"I'll kill that rat," I said.
With an evil grin I looked for my chainsaw,
But that was gone as well.
As I looked and did not find other things,
I cursed that rat to hell.
My electric toothbrush, my bed slippers,
My game boy advance,
Were all gone and missing
Except my well needed pants.
I heard a scurrying noise,
And followed it across the floor,
And saw my other toys
Being dragged to the door
I dove and grabbed that rat
Grabbed him by the tail,
He shrieked, he bit he scratched,
Then he gave up and wailed.
"Why do you take my things?" I asked,
"My toys, my games and shoes?"
"You don't need them!" I gasped,
he replied, "Ah, but neither do you!"