Ok, this poem is composed in a language that I have constructed on my own, yes you heard me. I am geek hear me roar!

Anyway, as a quick note accent is on the second syllable, but not any ø's go to first in that case. Dh= th in "the" "this" and "that" never as in "think", s=sh, c=s, ø=u in "such" and "much", û= oo. ' does not equal a glottal stop, e is always long as in "ey", y="ai", î= "ik"

In substitute for the background info that goes with this, this is 'written' by Møkobi, a king who lost his belovéd wife to his enemy, before his own eyes.

Legato with vengeance

Møkobi's Pride

are'on v'rû a'odhe wocyn

aryn eth'rør ta'emorr

omøn'r en'ka'a v'rû covøn vocyn

ko'î'î røn woc akûn

kanan kanî acovøn Ki'one'yn

kovon covøn Ki'one'yn er

Ki'one areor kûnyn wa!

Ki'one noke kûnyn wa!

Vasin edhørn


en'romar wocy

vo'øm'rû kun wocy!

"Love your kingdom!

safe will it be,

for you kingdom keep you soul!

This you said to me

When you gave you soul Ki'one

Gave you soul to all time.

Ki'one, my loving!

Kione, my Queen!

Black is

my work

without you

I will live life for you!