Story version:

The night wind whispers faint words in my ears. I walk across the
damp night grass. The sky is a beautiful velvet cloak above me. The stars
shine, though dimmed by the unnaturally bright crescent moon. Artemis must
be watching us from the heavens above. I run on.

Here, the city lights and smoke block the sky. The electric aura all
around me is so seductive. There is life that can be felt even from a
distance. The dark alleyways called to my blood. Here there lie all that
you want, anything, but for a price. I run on.

Is there no unity that can be achieved? I flow back and forth,
sometimes to one, sometimes to the other. No rest can be found. What use
then, is either? I stop. Inbetween. I choose neither, a choice within
itself. Now, there will be the neutral ground.

Poem version:

Night wind whispers faint words
I walk across the damp night grass
The sky, a beautiful velvet coat
Stars shine, though dimmed by the moon
Crescent moon, oh so bright
Artemis must shine down upon us tonight
I run on

City lights and smoke
Are all that you can see
Aura of electricity
Feel the life everywhere
Dark alleyways call to blood
Everything they will give you
For a price
I run on

No unity, I see
Back and forth forever
There is no rest
There is no together
No one over the other that I can choose
Without push, there can be no give
Neither then, for separate, both are useless
Now, there will be neutral ground
There will be the third option