Ok guys, this chapter is coming straight from my head. No writing on paper first, no proofreading and revision, NOTHING. Pure, unfiltered, rotten crap. Hope you like it ^_^. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Have you ever wished for a miracle? Do you find yourself wishing for them a lot? Weird, huh. There's this kid named Genki. He's pretty normal. He's almost geeky, but he hangs around with pretty much everyone but the extremes (see HTSP2). He wasn't a goth, wasn't a prep, wasn't a nerd, wasn't a skater, he was just Genki. Now this was a problem. The jocks would beat him up, the bullies would beat him up, and the cheerleaders would walk away from him with their noses up. He did hang out with everybody, but he wasn't cool enough for everybody. He wanted a miracle to happen. He wanted to fit in completely. And most of all, he wanted a girlfriend. If only he could make miracles.

"Stop-Oof! Punching-Oof! Me-Aagh! Oh no!Ugh! Not there!EEEEEEK!"

The scream was heard around the school. Genki was being tortured by Yukio, the best player on the baseball team.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Yukio yelled, angrily.

Yukio brought a heavy wooden baseball bat up into the air and then Genki didn't remember much after that.

"Aww man, this sucks!" Genki whined, "how am I supposed to get a date like this."

Genki limped home looking up at the sky. It was night time now, he must have been out cold for hours. All of the sudden he was knocked to the ground.

"Not again" he thought. (Authors Note: From now on, anything in italics means that it's a thought.)

"Genki! I was so worried about you!"

"Get off of me, Kaori!" Genki barked.

"Oops, sorry." Kaori said, sounding sad at her pouncing on Genki, "you scared me Genki! I don't know what I would do without you! You were talking to some bully and then all of a sudden you just disappeared!"

"Sorry," Genki said.

"Bull SHIT!" Kaori yelled angrily, "You do this all the time! When are you going to learn that you just don't go around talking to anyone these days. Yukio is a dangerous guy."

"Yeah, I know, but sometimes I wish that something would make me stronger."

"You wish?"


Kaori grabbed Genki's hand and sprinted for an unknown place. They ran down a steep hill into a dark misty forest. Then they went down stairs in some strange area by a tree. At the bottom of the stairs there was the ocean. But what was really great was the fireflies everywhere. They weren't just yellow or white. They were glowing vibrant shades every color imaginable.

"Wow," Genki said.

"So it is here," Kaori said, in awe. "What is this place?"

"Someone told me to come here to make a wish, but I was afraid to come without you. Especially because I wanted you to hear my wish." Suddenly, she burst out crying. "I wish I could be with you forever Genki! We've always been best friends and hung together. I wish you'd never go away like that again! It hurts me so much whenever you do that. If I lost you, then I could never be the same again. Please, please, do-"

Genki put his fingers to her lips and hushed her.

"If I knew it hurt you so much, I wouldn't do it," he said, "I'm sorry. Now I wish that I were someone else, someone that people didn't have to rely on to be happy, someone that wouldn't hurt others just by existing."

Kaori held Genki's hand again and said, "Genki, to make your wish come true, you have to step into the water."

The two walked into the water and embraced. The fireflies surrounded them and they all turned the same color in synchronized movements. They gathered in formation of the wishes the two made, then broke into each letter, and then disappeared.

"Let's go home," Genki said.

"Yeah, let's," Kaori said back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

The next morning, Nami, the school's most beautiful girl, according to all the guys walked past Genki. I mean, she walked past him. Didn't even glance at him. Didn't notice he existed. This wouldn't be significant if Genki hadn't have said, "Hi." As she was walking by. That was what made him mad. When he went to use the bathroom he saw that his hair had changed from black to dark brown.

The real action started when Yukio beat him up and stuffed him in a locker. This would come to be known as the worst mistake ANYONE could have ever made in the history of the world. Because before Yukio could walk away, someone came out of that locker, and it wasn't Genki.

"Genki tells me that you wanted some really bad. I think he just met someone who can give it to you. I'm about to make you, a lowly piece of trash, into the stuff dreams are made of, a miracle. I hope you live long enough to see it."

A/N: Miracle Makers is going to be done like a tv show. With "seasons" and "episodes". Every "season" will have about 14 chapters in it. ::Bets with himself that he won't even make it to the second one::