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Guitar interlude from Camui Gackt's Lust for Blood

Genkage woke up in the middle of an empty field that looked like it was just burned down. He remembered that he had a maniac chasing him. And he also remembered that he left his friends behind in blind fury. You can't help but feel sorry for the poor guy. He decided that either way, he had to either defend himself or his friends, so he began to practice his Magnum miracle. He drew back his arm and yelled "Magnum Miracle!"

He expected a beam of concentrated aura to shoot from his clenched fist, but nothing happened. He tried his Ichigeki miracle, it worked. Then he tried the Magnum miracle again, it still wasn't working. He noticed that the last time he used it, he was fighting and had a larger aura. If he could somehow increase the size of his aura, he could infinitely raise the strength of his aura concentration attacks.

"Oh yeah! The Evil Eye!" Genkage thought aloud.

He shouted, "Evil Eye Miracle!" then. "Shotgun Miracle!"

His aura grew to 10 feet from the ground and rippled the mana coming from the earth slightly. It all swirled around his fist and condensed into the center of it. Then it released itself in the form of rings that were loose at first and then tightened to form a beam. O0o-. kinda like that . This beam was way out of Genkage's league, and was soon out of control. He was blown backwards into the nearest standing object, knocking him out. Or so he thought.

His Evil Eye was projecting no-name's situation and location. She was begging Mors Mortis to let Genkage free.

"Shouldn't she be begging to let herself free?" thought Genkage.

Genkage woke up and leapt to the top of a tree to try and see where to go. He was much stronger than before now and was confident that he could beat Mors Mortis. Suddenly, his eye started spinning. It displayed a screen that showed a new miracle.

Cricket's Jump Miracle

Info: Mana technique. Allows user to leap large distances.

"Mana? What's that?" he inquired.

The eye relayed the information to Genkage's brain, "Mana is the energy that doesn't make up a miracle Aura. It comes from certain humans, rocks, trees, insects, and all sorts of other things.

"So, how do I perform this leaping cricked miracle?"

"Feel the cricket's mana and I will do the rest, " transmitted the eye.

Genkage opened his palms and let in the good sensation of others' energy and channeled it into his legs. He said, "Leaping Cricket Miracle!" and the energy gave his legs immense physical power. He jumped about 1/16th of a mile the first time. Then 1/8th. Soon he was where he needed to go, he just knew he was there. But there was nothing anywhere in sight.

"I have an idea!" thought Genkage. "Shockwave… Miracle!"

He executed an Ichigeki miracle at the ground and created a shockwave that unearthed some metal that was under the ground. He dug into the ground until he struck a ventilation pipe, which he proceeded to crush with a mighty punch. But after the ripping noise the thin metal made, there was a thud.

"Ow! You bastard! That really hurt!" said a familiar voice.

Honnou by Shiina Ringo

Yakusoku wa iranai wa

hatasarenai koto nado daikirai na no

zutto tsunagarete itai wa

asa ga konai madobe wo modomete iru no

Doushite rekishi no ue ni kotoba ga umareta no ka

taiyou sanso umi kaze

mou juubun datta hazu deshou

Sabishii no wa otagaisama de

tadashiku name au kizu wa daremo nanimo togamerarenai

himo toite inochi ni nazorau...