~**~Chapter 1~**~

Lira Summers cursed as she picked herself up from the cold ground from where she'd fallen on. It was a wet cold morning as she made her way up to the tall iron gates, which opened up to her school.

The rain was coming down in buckets and her white shirt and blue-checkered skirt were soaked, her umbrella providing no protection as the wind whipped around her.

Lira sighed as she heard the bell go for the start of class in the distant. She had even woken up 2 minutes earlier than usual today!

As she trudged through the puddles, she consumed herself in self-pitying thoughts. Her life was so boring, her day's activities were organised for her, leaving her with no free time.

She wished something unexpected or thrilling would happen to her for once. Being in a rich family who owned a big business wasn't much fun at all.

Soon she found herself in front of the heavy wooden doors of her rich school, and heard merry chatter coming from the hallway. Was it a mistake? She thought she'd heard the bell go 5 minutes ago.

She glanced at her watch and found that there was a minute to go and grinned. She'd made once too. She pushed the door open and hurried to her locker, only to trip over the step that she hated so much, and land on a boy.

Lira didn't know what was happening, until she found herself on top of a handsome face. She was so surprised she was stunned speechless. Her mouth was in the shape of an O, and her mind gears were working up an apology, but this was after she noticed his handsome features.

His eyes were darker than midnight, and his cheekbones the right height. His hair flopped around naturally, but nothing was compared to his lips. They were way his smile lit up his eyes, the way a little dimple was visible on his left cheek, the way they arched into a perfect curve.

They'd been lying on the ground for a while, and Lira realised that there was raucous laughter around them. She blushed a deep shade of magenta, just as the bell went.

She managed to get off him, manage a quick apology and stride off with her face still a beetroot red.

He, however just smiled charmingly with a glint of mischief in his eyes as he brushed himself off from his ordeal.


Lira was lost in her own thoughts as she strode into a class of noisy students. As she positioned herself away from their disgusting behaviour, she kept playing the scene that morning over her mind.

'How could I have even done that, associating with a boy?' she constantly repeated in her mind.

'A handsome one too' a little voice chirped. She tried hard to ignore it.

It was later when she realised she'd never seen the boy in the school before. She figured that he must be new.

Lira didn't really pay attention to her surroundings until that moment. However, what she saw shocked her out of her wits.

Although there were couples pashing and groping each other at the back of the room, their hair and uniform messed up before the day had started, what attracted her attention was the chaos that was in the middle.

The desks had been moved to surround one, and some girls were trying awfully hard to keep their cool as they batted their eyelashes at.

Lira froze as she drifted her eyes to the centre of the girls' attention. It was the boy she'd fallen on.

She quickly averted her glaze as he caught her eye and gave her a grin.

As she looked down at her textbook on her desk, she felt her face flush again.

'The boy is here,' she kept telling herself as she tried to slow her pulse down, and calm her fluttering heart. Her knees felt weak, and her sweaty hands were clenching and unclenching themselves.

Lira didn't understand what was happening to her, she didn't even know who the hell he was, so why was her body acting crazy around him?

When Madam strode in for their French class, nobody gave a hoot and continued with their 'social behaviour'. However, Lira did notice 'the boy' take his legs off the table and open the book that lay in front of him.

She made a mental note to find out his name.

As the class progressed, Madam had no control over the class as usual. Lira knew that it would be like this until the day she graduated. The students in her school were so rich, that the teachers dared not offend any of them, because they'd immediately get fired, and not find a job anywhere else.

Lira sighed as she tried to catch what the French teacher was saying over the loud racket. Thankfully, she caught the homework due for tomorrow, as they were dismissed. After the class, Madam told Lira and 'Patrick Forests' to stay behind.

Immediately, Lira's heart started to flutter again as she realised Patrick was the boy she had the ordeal with that morning.

Madam told them to sit down, and gestured to two seats and managed a tight smile. When Lira sat down next to Patrick, she tried to stay as far away from him as possible, not wanting to experience the feeling she'd felt before.


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