~**~Chapter 2~**~

Patrick grew interested in the girl from the first time he saw her eyes when she stumbled on top of him. He smiled at the memory.

He wanted a challenge, and he was fortunate to find one as soon as he started his new school. He liked excitement and was good at finding it.

Lira made him feel different, made him feel a longing that he'd never experienced before. She made him confused, a feeling he never wanted to feel again.

Now, he was sitting next to her in French class, and he grinned to himself as he watched her scowl at nothing in particular.

He noticed that she was very pretty, with a couple of freckles on her perfect nose. Her eyes were a beautiful colour, a soft brown-black. They hinted a delicate kindness, and behind that, a dangerous deviousness. Her shiny black hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Her cheeks were a rosy red and her skin was the right tan. He liked all of it.

Madam's voice cut his daydreams, and he quickly stiffened; he was a good student who achieved top marks, and he didn't want to be any different in this school.

He'd moved here because of his father's business. He was the manager of a successful company, and he'd come here to sign a partner contract with another company.

He knew that they'd be moving back soon after the partnership was arranged and he was glad because it had been difficult to say goodbye to his best friend, Mikey.

He appreciated that his good looks and grades didn't make him superior over anyone. Although girls swooned over him, he found it annoying and tried very hard to ignore them.

He was still thinking of Lira and what role she was going to play in his life when Madame's last words caught his full attention and he sat bolt upright.

"So, I'd be grateful to Lira if she could bring Patrick up to the standard of French that is expected at this level."

Patrick smiled to himself as he sneaked a peek at Lira, who was trying very hard not to frown.

What they didn't know was that his second language was French, and he'd spent many years building it up. However, Patrick knew that he wouldn't say anything and play along.

'This could turn out very interesting,' He thought.


Lira was fuming by the time Madame had finished. She tried not to let Patrick see how angry she was.

'How dare Madame asks her to give all the hard earned knowledge she had to some stuck-up rich bastard' she thought. After all, he had enjoyed the girls' attention.

"Is he interested?" Lira asked, through gritted teeth.

"Oh yes, I am.I've always wanted to develop my French, and you're obviously very talented at the subject, so I'd be stupid not to let you give me some pointers" Pat said, trying hard not to smirk.

"Oh, and thank you Madame for giving me this opportunity"

"Why, that's nice of you Patrick, I look forward to your good marks in French, and I wish you good luck"

"Lira, it's your say that counts now, so what'll it be?"

Lira stared at Madame's respectful eyes towards Patrick.

She also saw Patrick's eyes, but they gave nothing away. She only noticed his mouth curve upwards, but it was only just visible.

"Yes, alright, but I'm not responsible for the bas-, I mean boy's performance. After all, I don't know whether he'll cooperate"

"Oh, I'm sure you'll find Patrick a pleasure to teach, Lira, and again I appreciate your offer" Madame said, now beaming.

"So, come over tomorrow evening after school to my house for my ; you can enjoy dinner with our family" Patrick left the room with a glint in his eye.

Madame strode off as well, leaving Lira stunned speechless, not believing she had agreed to go over to his house tomorrow.

Well, technically she hadn't, but it was too late to go back. She'd show everyone that she wasn't a coward and wouldn't be affected by him in any way.

But her heart was not cooperating as it had started to beat 10 times faster after she knew she was going to his house the next day.


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