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In the classroom, the teacher was very frustrated. She tried her hardest to make the students pay attention to what she was saying-but to no avail. Most people's eyes were solely focused on the boy sitting in the left-hand corner of the room.

Girls were admiring his handsome features, swooning at just one sight of him. Guys were staring jealously back and forth from him to the girls. The classroom was complete chaos…there was no control and all because of a single 15 year old boy.

Matt Forests was your ordinary teenage guy. Actually…he was far from 'ordinary'. His family was beyond rich; they owned the 2 most successful companies in Japan. Added to the fact that he was extraordinarily handsome...every single girl who set eyes on him wanted to get together with him.

Yet, he ignored every single girl that invited him for a date…in fact; he rarely talked to any girl. He had but a few close friends and even they didn't know what his problem was. Seriously, which guy wouldn't go for the girls that invited themselves willingly?

The bell for the end of class went. The teacher sighed…it was only a few weeks into the term and her students had learnt nothing…since they were beginning to grow into adulthood, things were gradually changing. They were beginning to notice that there actually were people of the opposite sex.

Yet, the main reason to this lack of concentration was that everybody was trying to figure out Matt. If this kept up, they needn't bother coming to school…what was the point if they were going to stare at the boy for the whole day?

The teacher sighed…what was with the boy anyway? It was obvious he had the looks and the family background to become the most popular guy in the school, yet he completely ignored them. What was with this strange guy?


Matt strolled along the footpath completely lost in his own world. He soon found himself at the pre-school and he spotted the dark-haired girl that uncannily resembled him.

"Janie!" He called out

The girl turned around and bid farewell to her small group of friends.

"Brother!" She ran up and hugged his stomach. He ruffled her hair and smiled down at her. He realized how lucky he was to have such an adorable sister.

They walked hand in hand back to the mansion that resembled more like an important office. Matt kicked off his shoes once he stepped inside the house and made his way to the kitchen.

He devoured the left-over pizza in the fridge too quickly and hiccoughed in satisfaction. The only problem with such a large living place was that there was too much walking from one place to another.

With nothing to do, he proceeded to the gym to have a workout session.


"We're home!" 2 familiar voices called out. Matt dropped the weight he was holding and went to greet his parents. He knew he was lucky to at least have a loving family. He knew that most of his friends suffered from troubles in the family, whether it be the parents ignoring their children because they were too busy, or if it were divorce.

He heard Janie as she called out to them and smiled-a smile that would've melted any girl's heart if they were there to see it.

"Ah…there's my man!" Matt had always looked up to his father, he was the perfect role model for him. As he gazed up at him, Matt felt a surge of pride to have such a handsome, loving, wise father.

When he turned to look at his mother, he understood how fortunate he was to have his perfect parents always assisting and encouraging him in everything he did.

"Hi mum; dad"

"Sorry kids, but your mum wanted a 'romantic' dinner tonight, so we only have some leftover of the restaurant we went to" His father smiled apologetically down at his kids.

Matt had to smile. He had the best parents in the world!

After finishing dinner, his father called Matt to his study.

"What is it dad?"

"I want to tell you the story of how your mum and I got together-why we still are together."

"I've heard the story a million times!" Matt exclaimed. He knew the extraordinary way his parents had met and finally married.

"No, I'm sure you don't understand the real reason"

"My mother was the geek…you were the player- the charming and seductive guy. You picked her up and she couldn't resist…then you lived happily ever after" Matt knew it was a cliché love story-and it happened to his parents.

He didn't want the same story; although he knew he could become the charming, wealthy guy, picking up different girls every week. But he didn't want that…he wanted his love story to be different; unique. He didn't want anyone thinking that he was a good for nothing player.

That's why he kept a low profile at school with the girls. Let them think he was strange-he knew it wouldn't matter when he found the one he would love. He believed that day would come.

"No…son, I want you to understand that love is not a thing to be messed around with. I thought that there was no such thing after this girl…Gia hurt me when I was young. Then, she came back and said she actually loved me! It was like spraying salt on my open wounds. That time I was trying to open up to Lira-your mother."

Matt listened with newfound attention and concentration. He had never heard this part of the story. He never knew that his father had a difficult past.

"Gia tried everything she could think of to get back to me. I think it was an obsession…I don't think it was possible for her to love anyone. I received news recently that she's settled well in France. I think she's trying to forget the past"

Matt tried to imagine his future with a girl, but all he came up was a blur of fog. He couldn't even picture the kind of girl he wanted to be with.

As if sensing his thoughts, his dad comforted him.

"You'll know the one when she comes" With that, he left him to be alone with his thoughts on love…

Later that night, he wanted to go and ask his father what love is…how it felt to be in love; instead, he stumbled onto a conversation between his father and mother. Not wanting to be nosy, he crept back…but halfway to his room, curiosity got the better of him and he sat down outside their half-open door.

"Mena and Rupert and FINALLY getting married next week…I mean, their relationship has been over 15 years, and a couple of days before the marriage…they quarrel again and the wedding is held off! Those 2 are impossible!" Matt heard his mother's smoothing voice and then his father's throaty laugh.

Matt remembered hearing about Mena…his mother's best friend.

"Gia went to France to start a new life…I really hope she will be able to rid her past" Patrick looked down at his wife, knowing it was a sensitive topic.

"I don't think that woman is capable to love…but I send her my best wishes"

"You know, our son's quite unique in his approach to love. I know he could become the most popular guy in school with a trail of girls behind him, but he's not interested. He says he wants to experience true love" Patrick smiled down at his wife.

"Well, I can't imagine how he would've inherited that trait from you…after all, you were famous for your reputation as the player!" Lira had a devious glint in her eye.

"Hey! You know I had my reasons…besides, I changed my ways after I met you-one sight of you and I melted…ahh, memories-I still remember how you fell on me on the first day of school"

Lira stood up and kissed her husband on the cheek.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bring up the past"

"I love you Lira" With that…Patrick leaned down and looked Lira in the eye, then his eyes traveled down-

Okay, Matt had seen enough. He silently crept away and when he reached his room, he burst out in laughter. His parents were totally in love, and he was sure they had been for the 20 years they'd known each other.

He was sure love was a blissful feeling and he was eager to experience it for himself, but he knew these things couldn't be rushed.

After all, he had no idea what The Power of Love could accomplish, but he was sure it would be magical.

The End!


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