So sweet
So sour
So tasty
As I lift the chip to my mouth
Know its gonna
And after,
I will regret
Every mouthful
Every moursel
Of fatty
Gross, greasy
Filling my body
Making me sick
Fat and more hungry
Bloated and fat
I am ugly now,
I ask myself:
Was it worth it?
Happiness for a few minutes
That ruined my life?
Then I shrug it off and grab another
Bag of tasty chips.

*Author's Note: Not really about junk food. This assignment was one of my
favourites in English Class. After I wrote it, and read it again, I
realized that yes, there are some words that relate to junk food, but if
you look closely it isn't about that at all. See if you can find what it's
really about. Look at the last 6 lines. I like the choppy feel because I
had to read it in front of class. Which sucked, but was exciting just
because of the fact that this poem made me laugh, think, and really realize
some things. Thank you 'nineteen eighty-four' for pointing out my typo. I
decided not to use your idea on changing the I am ugly line to another
thing, but I tried to find a medium between the two ideas.