Sean Ward stepped out of the university campus and began his daily walk to the train station where he would usually catch the train from Central to Parramatta. He walked down the footpath past the butcher, the baker and the…newsagent. Sean then felt the sudden urge to take a leak and spotted the McDonalds about 50m down the road, so he walked the remaining distance and stepped in. He took a left and spotted the toilet.

On his way sitting at a table, was a man about the same age as Sean, 23, he was taller and wider. The man was devouring a Big Mac rather greedily, and Sean noticed a second sitting on the table. The man looked up at Sean and went back to his burger. Sean continued towards the toilet, but the image of the fat man was still in his mind. He opened the door and stepped into a cubicle, unbuttoned his fly and began to do his business. Halfway through, his flow was halted by a second man walking in, he made a great deal of noise and the sound of his movement as his stepped into the next cubicle sounded like the man with the burger. Sean continued his business, but was halted again by the man in the next cubicle vomiting into the toilet. He was rather disturbed by this, but never the less he finished his business, buttoned up his fly and exited the cubicle and went to the basin to wash his hands. A moment later the other cubicle opened and out the fat man with the burger came, vomit dribbling from his bottom lip and he looked sickly. Sean watched as the man washed his face and spat into the basin. Sean had finished washing his hands and so proceeded to leave.

Sean clenched the handle, but a cold wet hand clenching his neck, sucking all confidence from him loosened his grip. The fat man whispered in his ear with his vile breath.

"Think I like this" He sounded slurry, and that caused Sean to recognise the source of his breath, he could smell the familiar smell of Jim Bean, a favourite of his alcoholic fathers.

"You don't like what" Sean replied in a stutter of fear.

"I don't like being fat!" The man screamed back at him, "It's not like you can't notice it," and that was true the size of the man was recognisable but nothing close to other people Sean has seen in his time. The man's voice was familiar and although he was not facing the man, his image of the fat man consuming that burger was familiar also.

"Answer me! I'm fucking fat aren't I," The tone of voice, unsettled Sean and he felt extremely threatened, but Sean fell silent. The man waiting for an answer got frustrated and threw Sean into the cubicle sprayed with vomit. Sean's back jerked against the toilet and screamed in agony, that sound brought a terrifying smile to the fat man's face, the excess fat rolling around his toothy and fat lipped grin. But his face soon turned back to that grimace of before. "I'm Allen, don't you fucking remember me!" Every word now coming from Allen's mouth face angry and lined with cursing. The name clicked in Sean's head but he still kept tight-lipped. Allen was in his year 12 Art class and dropped out half way through his final year. Allen had been the token fat kid that every one loved to tease, this was aggravated by his two or three suicide attempts, and Sean was surprised that Allen had not achieved what he had attempted. Sean sat on the mouth of the open toilet bowl, mouth agape and lined with a tremble. Allen stepped into the cubicle with him, took hold of his shirt and with the other hand proceeded to punch, Sean's head bouncing back and forth off the cistern, a couple of teeth dislodged from his bloody and beaten mouth and Sean fell on the floor. Sean was almost unconscious and he felt like the cubicle was spinning around. He was standing in the clutches of a childhood outcast bent on taking his pain out on him.

Allen pulled Sean like a rag doll and they stepped out of the toilet and into the public. This gave Sean a glimpse of hope that was quickly dispersed by the appearance of a small handgun being waved at shocked spectators. They stepped out of the restaurant leaving a trail of blood from his mouth. Sean was struggling to comprehend and work out his location because the heavy blows of his attacker had clouded his awareness. Allen opened one of the back doors to his Austin Healy and through Sean's helpless body in, Allen then sat in the drivers seat and started the car. The Austin jerked at the first meter of motion and then began to run smoothly considering the circumstances of Allen's erratic and nervous driving. Allen pulled onto a back road and was able to drive with little traffic to hamper his progress. Sean still lay in the back, but his awareness was slowly coming back into comprehension since the rough movements and beatings had ceased, for the time being. He could see the beads of sweat racing down Allen's round and pudgy face, in another situation that would have been quite funny, but Sean although in fear of Allen, also oddly sympathised with him. Every move looked more nervous then the first as he was waiting for his run of power to end with him being thrown into a prison with men that had three times his strength and yearned for a weak person to involuntarily satisfy there sexual desire that lay unsatisfied.

They drove along a virtually empty country road for about an hour or maybe two. Sean's consciousness wide awake, but he faked that he was still unaware, in order to avoid the fear of powerlessness that he had felt after the beatings he had been given in the toilet. The Austin choked to a halt outside an old shack, Sean's vision impaired by the fact he lay down acting like a dog playing dead, it felt that stupid, but something he desperately had to do. Allen stepped out of the car and Sean was unaware of where he was until the back door was thrown open by him and Allen began to drag Sean's body feat first out of the car. Sean's head dropped from the height of the seat down to the hard concrete curb that had the same impact Allen's fist had on Sean earlier. Sean was brought back to a mental state of confusion that he hated more than the person that had inflicted it upon him. His head spun out of control, and suddenly he went blank

Physical pain overrode confusion as he woke from unconsciousness, pain was merged with numbness, particularly in his right leg, he could not feel his foot or lower leg but he could feel immense pain in his knee and thigh. He felt like his leg had been broken, and the flesh torn viciously. He was concerned at what was the problem, but upon attempting to lift his head, a surge of pain forced him to lie down again. As his consciousness slowly began to improve, he could hear chewing. Was Allen leaving him to die so he could have another Big Mac? Not exactly. The pain increased further up his leg, and the tearing seemed to continue, this was continuing to worry Sean, and he was nearing a state of uncontrollable panic. He restlessly ignored the throbbing headache and sat himself up.

The shock of what he saw nearly knocked him out again, but he managed to stay conscious through necessity. He stared frightfully at the fat greedy man, munching into his leg like he had devoured the hamburgers. "What the fuck are you doing?" Sean said, finally speaking to the cannibal. Allen continued to eat into his limb. "Hello, Hannibal?" Sean screamed mockingly. The name got a reaction from Allen, and he raised his head. Allen's mouth dripped with his flesh, he looked like a lion raising his head from his meal of gazelle.

"I'm eating your leg, what else do you think I'm doing" He stared at him at an attempt to frighten Sean out of defending himself, but like that was going to happen. Fully conscious, Sean swung his remaining leg and struck Allen's head, flesh, teeth and blood sprayed from his mouth, the flesh was a mixture of both Sean and Allen's. Sean got his own back as he saw Allen drop to the ground, a large thud and then silence confirming that Allen was the one unconscious and unaware of what was going to happen to him. Sean reached into his pocket and found his cell phone, it was untouched, Allen's crime of fury neglected the more practical things.

Sean dialed triple zero and put his ear to the receiver. The formal lady asked politely.

"What service would you like, police, fire or ambulance…"