Chapter Six

At lunch she was sitting alone at the deli bar. Alone because Artemis had Japanese class during lunch period, and so Stella had gotten her lunch as well. She was still shaken by what had happened. He had gotten so close. She hadn't been able to concentrate during English. Gra. Her hands were still shaking. She gazed outside and was soon in the land of daydreams.

"Stella" came the deep voice at her ear, startling her out of her reverie.

"What is it. Cormac.?" She said spitefully. He stiffened and lowered his voice.

"I thought I told you to call me Cor."

A low growl came from her throat. "So. Cormac. And I told you that I didn't care." She paused. "You don't deserve to be called Cor. Your real nickname is Cory."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you're popular now. You've got other friends now. You couldn't care less about your old friends. Right? Your new nickname is Cory. Cor was for your old friends. The ones who aren't popular. Like Russ. You're losing his friendship, you know that. You've got Toby and Josiah." She spat the last two names as if they were a bad taste in her mouth that she needed to get rid of. She pushed her barstool back and got down. Without another word, she pushed him roughly out of the way and left. He just stood there. Completely confused.

After school Cormac was sulking in the deli, having told Toby and Josiah to "leave him the fuck alone". Russ had ignored him the whole day and instead had hung-out with Stella and her friends. He was lost in his world, listening to his discman. He didn't a blonde-haired girl standing in front of him, holding a bag. She put the bag, somewhat loudly on the table, and turned to leave. He was startled by the bang and opened his eyes. All he saw were two whole 2-liter Coca Cola bottles in front of him. What the hell? He looked around and saw a blonde-haired girl with blue pants on and a white school t-shirt. She had a blue sweater draped on her hips. She was walking away. Wait. Blonde hair. Stella? By the time, all this had registered in his sleepy brain, it was too late. She'd already left. He sat up and turned his attention back to the two Coke bottles. He sat puzzled, but he realized. Back when there was still "The Crew", they would have "hang-outs" and he'd always bring two Coke bottles. Then he noticed a piece of paper sticking out of the label. He took it out and opened it.

"Enjoy the Coke.

Come on Saturday to the Globe.

10:00 AM Sharp. "

He sat there in silence, staring at the piece of paper. He was so confused. Shrugging he got up and left taking the bottles with and muttering about "girls and their bloody mood swings".