There is pathetic fallacy in the weather today.

The moody sky is a bruised indigo, fading and recurring, spilling icy sheets of droplets. The wind shakes the trees with such force...and this is how I feel. I want to shake it - everything - until there is nothing left in me to shake with, then collapse into a heap and cry for having shaken anything. I want to forget it all, lose myself in the cold tension and the brooding skies and then I want to live it all over again, engraving remembrances into my soul, hurting yet healing with each tender, stabbing caress. I want people to know how I feel, I want them to understand, I want them to hurt as I do, and then I want to shut them out and cocoon myself with myself. I want to sleep forever, and I want to live stark awake, baring myself to the fury of the elements. I want to feel the cold rain on my skin, I want to wash it all away. I want to lay it all down. I want to remember it all, impale myself on this altar and watch the glittering shards drain away into nothing and no-one. I want to feel. I want to be numb.

I want you to love me.