Sorry to all readers,but this story will be on an indefinite hiatus. I've been trying for a while to continue but haven't gotten the motivation.I apologize for disappointing anyone.

I know I could update a lot of 'bleh'-stuff and be unhappy with the story, but I would stop sooner or later without completing it, trust me on this, I know myself. Anyway, it's better if I stopped at this point before I developed a larger following, like for 'What I Want in a Guy'. It's hard enough working on one story you're not totally into. I'm a bum, I know.

To any 'What I Want in a Guy' readers, I should be updating in the next couple weeks (2-4 weeks). If I don't feel free to send me abusive emails :D, but I'm pretty sure I will.

Again, sorry to all...

oOo FrEaK oOo