Chapter Five

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"How could you!" Caroline yelled through the phone at the person on the other end.

"Im sorry Cary, but look, you need to play the feild again. Your hot, young and you have money so..." Molly replied.

"So you decided to put me in a magazine?!" Caroline snapped.

"Im sorry! Everyone supported it, we didnt think you would mind that much. Even dawson said that it would be fine, although I dont really think..."

"Put his ass on the phone!" Caroline ordered.

Molly put down the phone and transfered the call to Dawsons office. "Dawson Berkely."

"What the hell were you thinking!" she yelped.

"Caroline, how is vacation?" he asked nonchalantly.

He balanced the phone on his ear and kept typing as she yelled and screamed. He 'Yeaed' and Uh-huhed' every few seconds but didnt really pay attention.

"Listen, we have already feilded dozens of calls from men wanting to meet you. This is a good thing. Caroline, has anyone told you that you need to have a little fun?" he replied, grinning like a sinner.


"Listen, it is only for a month, and you dont have to go out with anyone you dont want to alright?" he said trying to calm her.

"Dawson! Come on..." she said finally beginning to calm down.

"Caroline please chill out. Just try and relax and enjoy the rest of your vacation. We will talk about this when you get back alright?" he said.

"Fine." she sighed and hung up the phone.

Dawson placed the phone back on its cradle and leaned back in his chair. He looked up at a man sitting there. "Now, what makes you think you can handle Caroline?" he asked.

After interviewing five men, Dawson was convinced that there was no one that Caroline would like, well maybe him, but that owuld never happen. He walked out of his office and his secretary handed him messages. He flipped through them and stopped in his tracks.

'We need to talk about Caroline. -Daniel.' he read. Daniel? Caroline? this could not be good.

"Beth, when did Daniel Wakefield call?" he asked.

"About an hour or so ago. He seemed a little frustrated and upset." Beth replied as she was cut off by a phone.

Dawson nodded and put the messages in the trash can. There would be no way in hell that Daniel would ever get back with Caroline, right? He made his usual stop at the corner cafe and was suprised when he actually bumped into Daniel.

"Dawson." he said shocked at seeing him.

"Daniel..." Dawson replied slowly.

"I called you today, I was hoping that we could talk." Daniel said and motioned to sit down.

"Sure, why not." Dawson replied sarcastically.

He sat down in a chair across form Daniel and waited for him to speak. Danile looked hesitant but finally opened his mouth.

"I saw the magazine yesterday. I can honestly say I didnt expect that from Cary."

"Well, she is a grown-up and can do anything she wants." Dawson bit back.

"Look I know you think I am the biggest jerk in the world but I realized that, and I realized that I made a big mistake in leaving Cary. I want her back." he said sincerley.

"What?" Dawosn yelped. He didnt know whether to believe him or not.

"Its true, and its all because of little Leah. She looks so much like her and I miss her terribly. I am going to aske her to come back."

"But you two already divorced. And you cheated on her with her assistant! She would never come back!" Dawson replied.

"She loves me still, and I know I cheated, but I left her. And I want our family back. We can have a reconciliation." Daniel said with a hopeful smile.

Dawson leaned back in his chair, stunned at what he was hearing. "Im sorry, but I know that Caroline wouldnt take you back, in fact she is already over you and beginning to date again."

Daniel looked shocked, "Well, I will have to win her back then." He stood and hurried out of the cafe.

Dawson shook his head and wiped his forehead. "This cant be happening," he said to himself.

He replayed the conversation he just had in his head a hundred times, each time feeling more and more guilty about saying Caroline was dating again. He would just have to keep her away from Daniel, and her "dates."

How the hell would he do that?

His cell phone rang and he looked at the oh so familiar number. "Hey Caroline." he said trying to act cool.

"You know I was thinking about this, and I just dont think I can date anyone I meet out of a magazine." she began.