Oblivia: A Study of a Nation and its Culture

At first, when my teacher assigned us to research another country and its origins, I didn't want to do it. However, when I started researching Oblivia, I was immediately sucked into its fascinating culture and history, not to mention its legends. So here are my findings, the less interesting ones, such as population, location and the like, as well as some of the most interesting pieces of information I have had the pleasure to come across. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the rich culture of Oblivia.

Name: Oblivia

Location: Adjacent to Tibet, on the east side.

Size: About eight hundred thousand acres of rolling hills, rich farmland and not-so-densely populated urban areas.

Population: Approximately five hundred thousand people. As a whole, they are called the Oblivious, but as individuals, most of them are proud to be an Oblivion.

Main Religion: The Church of the Orthodox Oblivious. Most of the Oblivious practice their religion vehemently, and believe in their gods without doubt. Their culture has some of the most compelling myths known to man. I shall include one here.

The Beginning of a World

Long ago, before the rise of man, before the world was born, before even time began, a small sphere of light was hurled through the sky. It flew on unhindered for countless thousands of years until, in one cataclysmic moment, it hit what is now the earth. The world exploded into being, and for the first time, light was shed on the earth. The hurler of the sphere looked on in delight, for things had happened exactly as he had planned. He smiled upon his creation, and nursed it into being, showering it with rain and fertile soil, so that things might grow upon the planet he had created. His fellow Creators, of which there were eight, looked on in disdain, for the planets they had created carried cold, hard beauty, unable to sustain life. And this was how they liked it.

"Why do you care so much about your world?" They would sneer at the Kind Creator, who loved it as a mother loves her child.

"I know not," the Creator would always answer, "I just know that I do."

This went on for many years, as the Kind Creator nurtured his growing earth into being. Finally, it was finished, a paradise of green and blue, running water and growing plants. Life must walk upon this planet, the Creator decided, so he created animals of every shape and size to inhabit his creation. For a while he was content just to watch the innocent creatures roam the planet, but always he felt that there was something missing. He needed a better, more intelligent animal to bring order to his purposeless, if beautiful world. So he took clay from the ground and shaped it into a body, and pressed ferns to the animal's head, for hair. Stones for eyes and nose, and sweet fruit for a mouth. He labored on his new animal for much time, until finally the Man (for that was what he had decided to call him) was finished. Then bending over his newly formed man, he breathed life into his lungs, animating him.

Because the Creator himself had made and given him life, this animal was capable of every feeling and emotion the Creator was prone to, if on a smaller scale. He quickly became the dominant animal on the planet, especially after the Creator made for him a mate, a female of his own species. Together, Man and his wife, Woman, populated much of the planet, often straying from the will of the Creator, but never so much to alienate themselves from his love.

The other creators, so much the lesser for their lack of empathy, looked on at the Kind Creator's paradise with a mixture of jealousy and scorn. They all hated him, and his world, for he had made something more beautiful than any of them could ever manage. But one, the Cold Creator, hated him most of all. He hated the Kind Creator for his kindness, for the way his planet had blossomed, for the way the Kind Creator doted upon his children. But most of all he hated him for the light and love that poured out of anything the Creator touched, the blind trust the Kind Creator exuded. And so he began to plot against him.

Many years passed as the Cold One lay in his small dark planet, far from the warmth of the sun, as he plotted the destruction of the planet the Kind Creator loved. But how could he destroy the planet without destroying its creator? The Cold One, left no other option, decided to be rid of them both. His dastardly plan complete, he asked an audience with the Kind Creator, ready to wreak havoc on everything the Creator loved.

As the Cold One entered the presence of the Kind Creator, he shuddered at the touch of the light and love the Creator gave off. Gathering himself together, he spoke, his voice slick with deception and evil intent. "I come to admire your lovely planet," the Cold one said, a false smile upon his face. "After years of jealousy, I have realized how much I want my planet to be like yours. After all, I want only the best for my own -" he chuckled deep in his throat "- creation."

The Kind Creator was suspicious of the tone in the voice of his fellow creator, but nonetheless he treated him with the same warmth he treated everything else. "I would be honored to have you observe my creation," The Kind One replied. "If it may help you create your own paradise, I would do almost anything."

The Cold Creator heard these words with something resembling delight, although it was tainted with a hatred for the speaker. "Well then," the Cold One said, "let us observe."

The Kind One brought his fellow Maker to a small moon that orbited the Green World, and gazed lovingly down at his creation. "This is my entire life, my world, my dear earth." He smiled, and turned to the Cold Creator. "If anything were to happen to her, my soul would die with the planet."

The Cold Creator smiled back for a completely different reason, showing sharp teeth that lent an air of evil to the grin. "THEN LET HER DIE!" he screamed, unleashing all of his pent up fury at the small, vulnerable planet. The flame of his anger flew towards the earth, forming itself into a sphere of flame, in a cruel imitation of the sphere of light that had brought the planet into being. But as the flame was about to hit the earth, a blaze of pure, white light shot out from the planet, intercepting the ball of flame and assimilating it into itself.

Momentarily blinded, the Cold One staggered back, clawing at his face with agonized fingers. "WHAT WAS THAT?" he cried.

The Kind Creator smiled again, harder this time, and answered "That was pure, unadulterated love. Nothing can destroy the love I have for my earth." He paused to glance at the bright orb, still shining with the light of his love. The Kind One continued, this time with an air of finality and power in his voice, "But you shall be destroyed. Not yet, but eventually you shall destroy yourself with your hatred for life. And so you shall be renamed the Cold Destroyer, for you have created nothing but a lust for death." The Kind Creator stared at the newly named Destroyer, and the Cold One shrank back from his accusing gaze. "Go now," the Creator commanded, "and spend the rest of your time languishing in your own hate."

The Destroyer slunk back to his cold, hard planet and his cold, hard lair there, plotting against life and love.

And to this day, he sits there, in his misery, wanting to act on his hatred, yet afraid of the love and warmth of the Kind One, which will surely win out against him.

Here ends my paper on the fascinating country of Oblivia. I hope you have enjoyed learning about this nation and its culture as much as I have. I will hopefully have further opportunities to find out more about this interesting place.