Chapter One

"You know, I am so sick of guys thinknig that they can get any girl they want." Hannah Peterson said as the buttoned her jean skirt, and balanced the phone on her shoulder.

"Well Han, thats the way guys are. They think that they own everything. Anyway, I gotta' go get ready, I'll meet you at the club in a hour ok?" her friend Kacey replied.

"Alright. Bye." Hannah said and tossed the phone onto her bed.

She grabbed a black halter top and pulled it on. She went over to the mirror and checked herself out.

She had an athletic frame from playing catcher on the school softball team and point guard for the basketball team. She had long, soft black hair, just like her mother and sparkly green eyes and a bright smile. The only bad things were the bruises that she would get from playing sports.

"Good." she said and began to brush and curl her hair. She dabbed on some make-up and lipstick and slipped into a pair of flip flops. She walked out of her room and heard her father and mother fighting in the kitchen.

She paused for a moment and looked at them. They had alway fought, ever since she was a little child. There had even been times when they left her and her brotehr alone. But now it was just her. Her brother was at college and she talked to him almost everyday.

She heard a slap and winced. She hurried out of the house and to her truck. She climbed in and drove off the the club.

She flashed her fake I.D. and was allowed access inside to Washington D.C.'s most popular underground club "Daedalus."

She walked towards the bar and quickly ordered a beer. She sipped at it and let the bitter taste go down her throat. She waited until she saw Kacey walk through the door and wave at her.

Kacey bopped over to the back and leaned against it. Her blonde hair was in curls and her brown eyes were full of happiness. She always had a smiley on her face which made Hannah want to vomit sometimes.

"What are we waiting for? Lets dance!" she said and grabbed Hannahs arm and yanked her to the sunken dance floor.

As a familiar song began playing Hannah and Kacey began dancing. Guys came up and joined them.

After a few songs Hannah left Kacey and went to take a seat at the bar. She was sipping at her beer when a finger tapped her shoulder.

"Is this seat empty?" a voice asked.

"Yes, and mine will be as well if you sit down." she replied and looked up at him.

He wasnt bad looking. He had shaggy brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was in a pair of jeans and an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt. He was kind of cute, in a punkish way.

He laughed and sat down on the stool next to her. "Can I buy you a drink?"

"Well, as you can see I already have one." Hannah replied.

"Well, you are almost done with it. Not to mention." he said leaning in closer to her. "I dont know how they let you get one in the first place."

"Excuse me?" Hannah replied pulling away.

"You're not 18, but dont worry, I wont say anything as long as you dance with me." he said.

Hannah's eyes narrowed and she slid off the stool. "Fine."

"Whats your name?" Hannah asked loudly over the music.

"Chase, you?" he replied pulling her to a spot on the dance floor.

"Hannah." she replied.

"Nice to meet you." he said as they began dancing.

When the song finished she quickly ran off the dance floor. Chase followed her.

"Why are you running?" he asked.

"Because I am so full of energy I had to get it out." she replied.

He smiled. "You are a genuine smart ass arent you?"

"Excuse me?"

"Yea, you are one of those girls who think that they can just go about blowing off everyone." he said and began walking off.

Hannah grunted and followed him. "I dont know who you think you are talking to but I am not one of those girls."

"Yea your not. Because you are the one following me now." he smirked.

"You are an ass." she said sharply and walked away.

She plopped down on a barstool and ordered another drink. She looked over and saw Chase talking with another guy and pointing over at her. She turned back towards her drink and downed it. She jumped off the stool and went in search of Kacey.

She found her dancing with a new guy and Kacey looked up and waved. Hannah slid through the crowd and over to her.

"Hey!" she yelled over the music.

"Hey!" Hannah shouted back.

"Those guys over there wanted to know who you are so I hooked them up. Go talk to them!" Kacey said and pointed over Hannahs shoulder.

Hannah turned and followed the line until it hit Chase. "Kacey! What the hell man!" she yelled at her.

"What?" Kacey slurred. No wonder, she was drunk.

Hannah grabbed her arm. "Lets go before you get raped."