Chapter Five

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"Damn that little punk! Now I have ISS for a week for getting lost in the White House." Hannah yelled through the phone.

"Who are you talking about?" Kacey replied.

"Chase, that guy we met at the club." she barked.

"Ah, well dont go blowing up my skirt about it. I actually think you are attractted to him."

"What? No! Of course not!" Hannah replied.

"Come on! You talk about him all the time, and he was cute. Next time you see him, work it!"

"Hell to the no!" Hannah yelped and pulled on a pink skirt.

"You know you want to, when was the last time you got some?" Kacey laughed.

Hannah laughed and rolled her eyes. "I am not answering that. I have to go. Bye."

Kacey laughed and hung up as well. Hannah tossed the phone onto her bed and finished dressing. She brushed her hair and made her way down the hallway quietly.

She rounded the corner and saw her father in the living room. Too late, he saw her.

"Where are you going girl?" he asked, his voice gruff.

"Im going to the mall." Hannah replied trying not to seem afriad.

She could smell the alchohol again on his breath when he yelled, "No your not!"

She pretended not to hear him and made her way to the door. He grabbed her arm tightly and pulled her back. He threw her against the wall and put a hand at her throat.

"Mark!" she heard her mother yell.

She tried to yell for her to stop but she didnt. He let go of Hannahs neck and stopped her mother. "You get in the kitchen and cook." he ordered.

She looked from Hannah to Mark and stepped back. Hannah slipped out of the door and her mother went back to the kitchen. When she was in the car she lightly touched her neck. She was still out of breaht and bruises were appearing on her neck.

She covered it with her hair and tried to forget about it, like every other time. She drove to the mall and began walking around. She went into her favorite store and began browsing for some clothes.

"Well well well, what do we have here?" a voice said from behind her.

"Damn it Chase, would you not stalk me!" she siad and turned around.

It wasnt Chase who was standing there, but instead Brad was standing there. "Who's Chase?" he asked.

"This jerk who keeps popping up all over the place." she replied and continued looking at clothes.

"Oh, not a boyfriend?" he asked.


"Or a significant other?"


"Or a friend with benefits?"

"NO!" she yelled.

"So you dont like him?" he asked again.

"She does." another voice said from behind her.

She looked up and saw Chase standing there. "Chase, how nice of you to show up." she said and grabbed what she was looking at and heade towards the dressing room.

Chase and Brad followed her into the hall. "Stop following me!" she yelled and slammed a cubicle door.

She heard them exchange little quips and walk off. She opened the door and peaked out when it was pushed open and Chase pushed her inside and closed the door.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she yelped.

"Well, I am in a dressing room with a very attractive girl who I am about to kiss." he said and kissed her.

She pulled back. "What the hell!" She looked at him and kissed him.

They fumbled around and she pinned him up against the wall. His hands were tangled in her hair and her lip gloss was smudged on his face.

"You know...this...was...inevitable." Chase said in between kisses.

"Shut up, you're ruining the moment." she replied and kept kissing him.

Hannah grabbed him by the collar and threw him against another wall. This wasll wasnt as reinforced as the other and it buckled. Chase spun her around and pinned her as well. The wall began to shake and it fell back, taking Chase and Hannah with it.