A Naïve Heart
On this earth she was laid upon,
to fulfil her destiny without an obstacle.
Bright and witty she eventually became,
with one defect, she had neither will nor power to love.
She felt nothing as if a robot, programmed
to only one task.
Until she met you, she had a piercing
stare that could freeze your soul.
When eyes met, she felt her mind liberated.
Let your light shatter this icy-cold heart.
All she thinks about now is your charming smile,
charisma, and dazzling eyes.
The only thing that stands between her
and true happiness is your affection.
Why must you confuse her innocent heart?
She yearns for your love, must you
turn around and leave?
Don't let this poor heart go unnoticed.
This fire of passion will burn out and be no more,
if love is never found.
Learning to love is no easy task,
don't let selfishness stand in the way.
A small, gentle kiss is all she asks,
to know where you stand in her life.
If not, she'll plunge in a world of her own,
swallowed by despair.
Don't let those tears fool you,
it's only another façade.
Under which mask, will you finally
find her, when it is time?
A masquerade is all she needs and possesses-
without it, her spirit is free.
She calls out your name, can't you hear it?
Open your heart and listen to her melody.
She'll be true to you till the end of time.
When will be the day you let her in?
She searches you heart through land and water.
She's waited a lifetime just to tell you
three simple words."I love you".
Will you respond?