One Year Ago
Walking around,
memories awaken,
remembering the day
I let myself be.
Surrounded by friends,
enjoying the time,
laughing and eating away.
My secret joy was a guest
sitting next to me.
Heart racing,
trying to keep
the excitement in,
I nervously trembled
underneath it all,
he calmed my nerves,
that was jittering inside.
As the night passed by,
so did that sacred ceremony
where I beamed with delight.
Time to go home,
the night was coming to an end.
Slowly it was leaving,
to seize the opportunity was now.
The moment of truth had come,
and when our lips touched,
all emotions broke lose inside.
Being close to him felt true,
this was my rightful place.
But when it was time to part ways,
I tried to let go, but couldn't.
One year ago,
he gave me a special night
to never forget.
It's been one year
since the moment of
my first kiss.
And now, as I reflect
upon the events of last year,
I realize, it was one of the
happiest days of my life.
The only things that remain
to remember him by
that momentous day,
across and that kiss-
forever till I die.
For now it rests in my dreams,
until another year passes by.