Promise of a Call

A golden light emerges
from the dark night,
illuminating the dreams of pure hearts.
A soft whine call out to the
one with the golden dream.
Eyes fly open and I seek the
one who calls my name.
Down the street, my heart goes,
searching every corner, looking for
the place where its caller lives.
Closer and closer I feel
I'm getting.
His voice grows louder
as the forest nears.
Finally, what is sought for
is found, but just opposite to
the lake.
One soft touch of your
white mane and off we go
to explore the mysteries
of the forest that surround you.
The enchanting crystals
glitter in the light, reflecting
the heavy toll you seem to carry.
Many times we'll meet,
and when out meeting
comes to an end, you ask
of me not to breathe a word
of our encounter.
"No one must know."
Why of all things must it be oblivious?
The slight nod puts you at ease,
for he and only he could know whom to trust- this
heart is pure and true.
A feeling emerges, but the
time must never come.
Back to my slumber, this
maiden returns, she never left,
only her soul.
As the days pass, so will I.
But when you appear and help
the others off their feet,
gratitude will surges through their minds.
They too, know that you only appear to
aide those of a pure heart, mainly
in the minds of children.
When the elders ask of you,
I'll deny all knowledge.
But, the foulest crime that I'll
commit will be denial to the world
of a secret burdened, not to the mind,
but to the heart.
So powerful, that its existence must cease
because like all things true,
it'll end in tragedy.
You just can't know the feeling inside,
for fear that next time, words
will escape that can't be taken back.
Simple as they may be,
I don't know what you'll say
when this maiden whispers-
I love you.