Over Time
Oh, how I longed
for him everyday
of my life to rescue me
from the perils of despair.
But there was a problem, the only one
was that he wasn't
meant for me-
he never loved me.
Perhaps over time
I'll learn to forget
his charm, smiles, and above all,
what he meant to me.
I was a fool
to have fallen for him.
I should have realized
he didn't love.
Perhaps over time
I'll learn to love again.
But not now, it hurts
so much.
Even thinking about
it makes me want to die.
But I must stay strong
for my sanity.
I wish he knew
how much I loved him.
But he never gave me
the chance to.
I'll die loving him
though he'll never know.
Nor would he care
to know.
Over time
I'll be cured from
this ridiculous obsession.
No more will this
feeling torture my
feeble heart.
Don't feel bad,
it's all right,
This way I'm stronger
against heartbreaks.
Over time people will come and go.
I'll find that special someone
who'll give me
what you couldn't-