"Oh my God! This is so stupid. Why am I still up?" Jackie said to herself, shifting around, once again, in her day bed. She indolently sat up, goose bumps forming up and down her bare arms from the chilliness usually associated with dawn, and looked at the alarm clock beside her bed. "Five-thirty. Are you serious?" She said, yawning loudly. "Man, this is not good. The first day of high school, and I'm going to look like I'm high cause I've gotten no sleep whatsoever. Good job, Jackie!"

After yawning a few more times, and stretching out her very stiff muscles, she clumsily got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. [Might as well get ready. No use in trying to sleep again when I know I have to get up in an hour.] Groggily, she splashed cold water in her face, and felt a surge of energy. Finally feeling more awake, she skipped over to her closet, which stood next to her sister's, and opened it enthusiastically. (Her and her sister shared the same room.) Her uniform was neatly cleaned and pressed hanging separately from all her other clothes so as to not get it wrinkled or dirty - Jackie, being the paranoid person that she was, wanted everything to be perfect on her first day of high school.

For you see, she was going to St. Anthony's Academy - a very prestigious, Catholic, coed high school that offered the best sporting programs in the city. This was the reason why Jacqueline Nicole Garret was attending. Due to her activeness in the sporting areas of volleyball, soccer, and basketball, she was offered a full scholarship for all four years of high school seeing as she was MVP in each activity. Also including the fact that she obtained a 4.0 throughout her nine years at Angel of Mercy Middle School and running student government as the president of her class for three consecutive years furthermore added something to her financial luck. Ever since she was five years old she tried her best to be successful in everything, and getting this scholarship was more important, now, than ever. Her family was never very fortunate in finances after her father had passed away, so getting the scholarship was the only thing she could do to get into a good high school.

She bit down on her lower lip and looked critically at herself in the mirror. [First impressions are always important, and I look all grungy cause I didn't get any sleep last night!] She subconsciously let out a groan and adjusted her skirt for the umpteenth time. Taking one last, disapproving look in the mirror she walked to the kitchen.

It was only six in the morning, but her mother was already awake and getting breakfast started. Her two younger siblings, Marissa and Jordan, were at the table already eating their breakfast.

"Good morning honey! Did you sleep well last night? All ready for your first day of school?" her mom asked cheerfully.

"Yeah, mom." she replied glumly. [I am not in the mood for mom's optimistic behavior at the moment.] She sighed as she took a seat at the table.

"What's with you?" Marissa asked, noticing the tense appearance of her older sister.

"I didn't get any sleep last night, and I look hella ugly cause I'm tired." Her mom looked her over and rolled her eyes. "What?! I do look bad! See the bags under my eyes! See! See them!" She said pointing at the barely noticeable, almost nonexistent shady bulges under her eyes.

"You're crazy." Jordan said, stuffing his Lucky Charms in his mouth. It was Jackie's turn to roll her eyes.

"I don't see a thing. You're just being paranoid, Jackie." Her mom said after examining her eldest daughter's frustrated face. "You are a very pretty girl so stop being so nervous. Remember, there's about 200 or so freshmen who feel the exact same as you."

"How do you know? I bet you I will be the only freshman who is going to look like a lost puppy. They're probably going to call me doggy face girl, or stupid freshman that looks like a dog! Ahh, mom I'm scared!"

"You are going to be just fine. Stop acting foolish!" She said as she set a steamy plate of rice, eggs, and lagunisa in front of her.

"Mom, no! If I eat all this I'm going to become all bloated and look fat. Everyone will call me a pig!" Marissa and Jordan began to laugh.

"No, you have to have something in your stomach. Breakfast makes you smart in school. Eat your food!" her mom said, putting a fork in her hand.

"Haha, is there a reason why you like associating yourself with animals so much?" Marissa asked amusingly.

"Shut up Marissa! This is serious!"

"Maybe Mom should have named you Piggerella instead. That would've been a lovely name for you wouldn't it?" Jackie groaned. [She is not helping.]


St. Anthony's was huge - the 50-acre campus extending at least ten blocks in each direction. Jackie looked at the three story building admiringly - a feeling of intimidation creeping up inside. Students were walking back and forth in the front courtyard, some laughing, others talking. Everyone looked like they knew each other.

"Mom I don't know anyone! People are going to think I'm a loner or something."

"Jacqueline, would you stop being so paranoid and just enjoy yourself on your first day. I know you're going to meet new people, and make new friends. But no gallibanting with the hoodlums ok? No one who talks funny, or has an earing in his ear. No drugs too! Oh, and NO drinking!"

"Mom, it's gallivanting and are you seriously having this conversation with me?" Jackie asked looking frustrated. She hated her mom's overprotective behavior. It annoyed her to no end.

"Just promise me you that you won't go hanging out with the bad people, ok? Did you hear in the news about that girl who got kidnapped and."

"MOM! I'll be fine. Stop worrying so much, you'll get a heart attack." Jackie said through gritted teeth. [Oh my god! Why does she always have to go into the "girl getting kidnapped" speech? I mean COME ON! I've only heard it EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE!]

"Ok, alright! Call me when you're ready to get picked up. I know you have some meeting after school for. what was it again? Volleyball, or basketball?"

"Volleyball, mom."

"Yes, well, call me after that ok honey. Smile and be good. I love you! See you after school."

"Don't crash into anyone!"

"Or trip on the steps!" Marissa and Jordan said from the backseat. [Jeez, why everyone is so annoying?]

"You two be nice to your ateh! Its her first day of high school!" her mom said turning around to glare at her two, irritating siblings.

"Bye, everyone." she said nervously, and stepped out of the car. She watched as the car drove away, then turned around and crashed straight into a girl causing her to drop everything she was holding.

"Oh my goodness! I'm soo sorry! Here, let me help you." Jackie quickly said as she bent down to pick up the other girl's things.

"Its ok, but watch where you're going freshman. Not everyone is that nice to newbies, especially on their first day." When everything was organized again, Jackie looked up to face the girl for the first time. She wasn't all that tall, almost the same height as Jackie except for being a few inches taller. She had very tan skin, and jet-black hair pulled up in a tight ponytail. Her face was natural - no make up whatsoever. Her build was toned, and she dressed in black slacks instead of traditional school skirt that Jackie wore. All in all, her appearance was quite plain and not all that feminine. "Hi, my name is Alexandra Lopez, but people call me Alex." She said as she stuck out her hand to Jackie.

"Oh, hi I'm Jacqueline Garret, but people call me Jackie. Sorry about bumping into you. I wasn't looking where I was going." she said as she accepted Alex's open hand. Alex gave a firm handshake. [She must be strong.]

"Evidently, but it's ok. Just be more careful next time." She said letting go of her hand.

"Yeah, thanks for the advice."

"Well yeah, see you around Jackie." Alex said, as she turned and walked away.

[Good job, Jackie! Bumped into someone within your first minute in high school. That was smart. Dam Marissa for jinxing me! Well at least I met someone nice who didn't bite my head off because of my clumsiness. Ha, that would probably be the only fortunate thing that would happen to me today.]

She began walking to the entrance door, but tripped over a small step. A couple people saw her, and began to laugh. [Dam siblings with their stupid jinxing powers!] She let out an exasperated sigh.


Unfortunately, she was right about her first day in high school. She had all the boring classes, Advanced Geometry, Chemistry AP, Modern World History, and Ethnic Literature Honors, which weren't as easy as Jackie thought they'd be. Her elective classes turned out OK. Dance was fun, and she met a few new friends who turned out to be just as nervous on their first day as her. However, her teacher turned out to be a real. witch. Spanish was a little more interesting for her. Alex, the girl she had so embarrassingly crashed into earlier, was in the classroom when she arrived.

She spotted Alex when she first walked through the door. [Oh great! The girl I crashed into earlier is here. Just my luck. Now she can see more embarrassing things I do.] Not wanting to catch her attention, she looked at the heavily festooned room that was her Spanish classroom. It was very festive and colorful -being a rainbow of red, orange, indigo, magenta, and other outstanding colors. Sombreros served as a border all around the room, and pictures of Latino countries covered every empty space that was left. Transfixed at her amazing surroundings, she crashed into a desk near the front.

"Ouch!" she said rubbing her hip. Alex noticed her, then, and turned around to face her.

"Hey Jackie!" she said, a shadow of a smile on her lips. [Jeez! Why am I so clumsy?] "Bumping into more things I see."

"Oh, hi Alex! You're in Spanish 1, too?" Jackie said, trying to change the subject as quick as possible.

"Oh, no no no. I'm just a TA, you know, teacher's assistant," she said. She smiled then, her teeth very white against her brown skin. [She has very nice teeth.] Jackie thought as she smiled back. [And you noticed that why?] "I took Spanish 1 when I was a freshman." Alex said. Jackie looked away, embarrassed for some reason.

"Oh, my bad," Jackie said, her cheeks turning a bit pink. [She must think you're stupid or something.]

"Yeah I'm a junior, and since I'm doing so well in Spanish AP Ms. Gonzales here lets me help during 7th period."

"Oh I see, that's cool."

"Hola class! Please take your seats. ┬┐Alex, usted me puede ayudar me desmayo los libros por favor? Ms. Gonzales said loudly to Alex, her gaze directing to Jackie to take a seat. She took the only seat available - the one right in front of the teacher's desk. [Dam.]

"Si, Senorita Gonzales." Alex replied, her accent excellent, Jackie couldn't help noticing. [Well duh, its in her blood. Her last name is Lopez remember. She must be Mexican or something.] Alex passed out the Spanish textbooks, and sat down at a desk next to Ms. Gonzales's. [She's interesting. Not at all how I expected upperclassmen to be. She's nice, which is surprising.] Jackie thought of the scene she saw switching classes to 7th period. She saw a group of older girls laughing and pointing at this one petite freshman making her turn beet red and quickly hide in the bathroom. It was really cruel, and it looked like the feelings of the little girl were hurt badly. Jackie went into the bathroom to see if the girl was all right, and heard her crying in one of the stalls. [Talk about ridiculing. those girls were evil. Don't they know its hard going to a new school? Thank god nothing like that happened to me. yet. But seeing how things are going. Gah, I don't even want to think about it right now.]

(Hey Peoples, author speaking. "┬┐Alex, usted me puede ayudar me desmayo los libros por favor?," in English means, "Alex, can you pass out the book please?" So yeah. PLEASE REVIEW!)