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Alex immediately removed Jackie's gag, but the young girl's body still showed no movement.

"SHIT you guys, she's not moving!" Alex quickly put her hand over Jackie's pulse. It was there, but very faint.

"Oh my GOSH, is she DEAD Alex?!" Trish asked desperately, continuous tears of guilt slipping down her face.

"She's not dead, but her pulse is very faint. I could hardly feel it." Alex replied - her voice breaking from almost crying as well. She put her hand above Jackie's mouth, and was utterly glad to feel small, slow puffs of air coming through. [She's still breathing, THANK GOD!]

"She's still breathing!" Alex exclaimed causing the others to let out huge sighs of relief. Everyone quickly gathered around the unconscious Jackie, wondering on what they should do.

"What should we do with her then? I mean should we wake her up? What if that makes it worse?" Nicole asked, bundling up her sweater and placing it underneath Jackie's head.

"Uh, I don't think we should move her. I mean, what if we DO mess her up more. That CERTAINTLY won't help the situation any better than it is now." Bernice said.

"But we can't just LEAVE her here. We have to do something!" Trish said. Her sobs weren't as serious as before, but she remained distraught.

"Ok, everyone just CALM DOWN! Everything is fine. Jackie's still alive. She's just unconscious right now." Alex said reassuringly to the three frightened girls, yet underneath her composed attitude Alex was just scared as they were. She wasn't exactly SURE if things were really going to go all that great from then on. For all she knew Jackie could suddenly die right there and then.

"So what do we do then?" Bernice asked, more calmly this time.

"Maybe we should just try to move her, and see what happens." Alex suggested. Inside she really had no idea what to do. As the girls placed their hands underneath the small, cataleptic girl to lift her up, Jackie unexpectedly spoke.

"NO!" Jackie said suddenly as they were just about to rise. Everyone immediately placed her back onto the ground. They looked at her, expecting her to say something else, but nothing came out.

"She's still unconscious." Nicole stated. Jackie mumbled a few more no's, and everyone began to look at her questionably.

"I think she's talking in her sleep." Bernice said, noticing her eyes were still closed. Bernice looked up at Alex for another command. "Well, should we-"

"NOOO!" Jackie said again, but this time it was louder than before. Then she started to do something that made everyone freak out. She began to sob uncontrollably. Everyone, but Alex, began to move back fearfully from the tantrum-throwing Jackie.

"Alex! What's wrong?! Why is she doing that?!" Trish asked as she watched with horrified eyes as Jackie's body began to shake and lash out in all directions. Alex tried to hold her down, but she was too out of control.

"You guys don't just WATCH! Help me calm her down!" Alex shouted, attempting to keep Jackie's head on her lap so it wouldn't continue to hit the cement ground. Her body continued to quaver dangerously, and Alex finally noticed that Jackie wasn't breathing. "She isn't breathing!"

Alex responded immediately, setting Jackie's head back down, and moving into a position for CPR. She placed her lips over Jackie's, and blew in two large breaths. She then placed her left hand over her right, entwining her fingers to lock in the grip, and pushed downwards at the center of Jackie's torso. After completing the downward thrusts she breathed into Jackie's mouth once more.

She did this a couple more times until, suddenly, Jackie's body went limp.



Jackie had drifted off into a very deep sleep. She had left the world completely, and became unconscious in that little trunk of her kidnapper's car. Her senses went numb, and everything around her disappeared. She thought she was dead. She was dreaming - dreaming of something very out of the ordinary, yet it made sense to her in some way that she did not know of.

(*** Her Dream ***)

(*** She was walking through a large neighborhood that she had never seen before. The houses were HUGE and absolutely magnificent in everyway. She had never seen such beautiful homes that were rather mansions than mere houses.

Despite her surroundings, however, she was crying. No she wasn't just crying - she was sobbing ferociously. Herself, then, did not know the reason for her miserable state, but she felt the pain that was inside her nevertheless - and the pain she felt was unbearable.

She wanted it to stop because she hated the feeling of wanting to end one's own life. [But aren't I already dead? Is this not Heaven, or Hell? Why am I here? This can't be Hell because this place is so beautiful. Yet why am I crying? I'm in Heaven aren't I? Shouldn't I be happy?]

She didn't understand any of it at the moment, yet the only thing she knew was she hated feeling this much GRIEF - grief over something that still remained a mystery to her. [Everything's a mystery to me. I don't get ANY OF THIS! It doesn't make sense!] Her sobs became harsher, and breathing became more difficult for her. Not being able to get enough oxygen into her lungs, she dropped down on the path to gasp for more air.

She would've stayed there forever, and let herself rot into nothing on the sidewalk in front of a beautiful white mansion, but someone had approached her and helped her onto her feet. She looked at the stranger, who wasn't a stranger at all, but someone she knew very well - someone she felt a very strong connection to. She felt love towards this person, and not just any love, but the kind that lovers share with one another. She knew she was in love with this person, and, oddly, it didn't shock her present self.

She looked into Alex's eyes and immediately collapsed, once again, into a bundle of sobs - sobs of which she still knew nothing of. She simply couldn't face her for some reason for the grief was too much, and she just couldn't stand to look into the eyes of the person who had changed her life forever. [But how? HOW did she change my life? Why do I love her?] All that Jackie knew at the moment was Alex was the reason she was feeling this way, but it was her own fault that things came to this. She knew that for certain.

Finally after staring into the sympathetic eyes of Alex's for quite some time, Jackie couldn't take it anymore, and stood up. She had to get away from this place - away from Alex. Ignoring Alex's attempts to help her, she ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction until she could no longer see Heaven or Hell or the mansions or her weeping self. Everything disappeared again and its in place was darkness. ***)

Jackie had suddenly awakened back into the real world. Her eyes were open wide, but she couldn't see anything - all she felt were someone's lips on her own. [What?! Oh my GOD! They're going to rape me!] Panicking once again, she attempted to let out a scream, but found that she was gasping for air. She continued to let in huge whiffs of air into her desperate lungs, while her hands immediately went to her face to remove whatever it was that was blocking her view. She ripped off the piece of cloth, and was shocked to see that she was on the floor of her high school's parking lot.

She stood up quickly, but fell back once she had gotten onto her feet. Luckily, someone from behind caught her before she fell back onto the parking lot floor. Her vision was blurry, and she felt very nauseous and weak. Her head hurt severely, and her body felt shaky. She felt someone grab her hand and ask her something, but before Jackie could fully comprehend what the person was trying to tell her she fainted once again.


Alex caught Jackie before she could fall back to the floor, and set her down gently. She grabbed her hand, wanting her to know that someone was there with her, but Jackie didn't respond.

"Jackie? It's me Alex. Are you OK?" she asked slowly, but the girl said nothing for she was already unconscious once again. This time, however, her breathing was normal and Alex also checked to see that her pulse was normal as well. She let out a sigh of relief before standing up.

"We have to get her to a hospital or something." Alex said brushing off the dust that stuck to her knees.

"NO!" Bernice, Trish, and Nicole said all together. Alex looked up at them debatably.

"No? What do you mean no? We HAVE to get her some help." She answered back, confused that they disagreed with her suggestion in the first place.

"Alex. if we take her to the hospital they're going to want to know what happened." Trish said.

"And then we'd get in trouble." Nicole added.

"If we go to the hospital, the police will probably question us." Bernice also said. All three girls wore shameful expressions on their face, but neither of them said anything else.

"Well we'll take her to Coach Dario then." Alex said, frustrated that they refused the hospital idea, yet remained silent without any other suggestions.

"NO!" They abruptly said in unison for the second time. Alex stared at them in disbelief. [What the HELL are they talking about? What do we do then?]

"Alex! If Coach finds out then she's going to tell the dean. She HAS to tell the dean, it's like a law or something. Then we'll get expelled, and our lives will be ruined!" Trish said miserably.

"I don't care. You almost PERMANENTLY ruined a life here tonight. Why should you guys be left off the hook, while Jackie could've easily died if I hadn't come to save her? Why should you be let off so easily, Trish?" she stared at Trish scornfully, but Trish didn't flinch and continued to look at her with pleading eyes. Disgusted, Alex was about to turn away from them and get Coach Dario anyhow, but someone put their hand on her shoulder. She turned around and glared straight into Bernice's freckled face.

"Alex, please don't go to the coach because once she finds out we WILL get expelled. No more volleyball or basketball or softball or anything else for us. We'll get expelled and lose everything that we've worked SO hard to here at this school. Please, Alex, I beg you not to tell ANYONE. I don't want to lose my future to this. Please ALEX! Don't say a word, PLEASE!" Bernice said, her voice cracking in the middle of her speech. Tears rolled down her cheeks, but her face remained calmed and her eyes were still fixed upon Alex's.

Alex icy glare she had held before quickly melted when she saw the true sincerity and painful guilt in her friend's eyes. She glanced to look at her other desperate friends, who were pleading with Bernice to show them mercy. She already knew, though, that their lives WOULD be ruined because everything they had in life was at St. Anthony's. At this school they had friends and popularity and sports and opportunities for bright futures, but once they get expelled all that would be lost. Alex couldn't bear to do that to them, despite the incident that occurred there that night.

"I won't say anything," she said quietly while her eyes still stuck with Bernice's, "but you have to promise me something." All three girls looked up at her, their expressions telling her that they would do anything she asked them to. "You must NEVER prank her again," she said pointing down at Jackie, "and you will respect her and remain nice to her, from this day forth, no matter what happens."

"We promise." Bernice said for all of them. The other two girls nodded their heads in agreement.

"And if," Alex continued, "I find out that you've done something bad to her, I will NOT hesitate to tell Coach everything that happened here today. You can trust me on that." Trish and Nicole were about to protest, but Bernice put her hand up to silence them.

"We won't do anything to hurt Jackie." Bernice said. The look Bernice gave her was sincere, but she couldn't help but remain suspicious anyhow. [But they know now. They know I have the power to take this all away from them. They won't try anything stupid from now on.]

"Well," she said, noticing that Jackie was still lying comatose on the ground in the middle of the parking lot, "what DO we do then?"

"We'll take her to one of our houses for the night. I think her mom might freak out if she sees her like this." Nicole suggested.

"Oh, she'll be more than just "freaked out". She'd probably call the cops on you guys the second she sees Jackie." Alex said, remembering Jackie's crazy, overprotective mom. "I think it's best if we take her to MY house because my parents won't care or ask any questions. Plus she knows me better than you guys." The three girls nodded their heads in approval.

"Wait, Alex, aren't you forgetting about try-outs?" Bernice said. Alex was in total shock because she had completely forgot about the freshman try- outs.

"Shit!" she exclaimed. [GAH! It doesn't matter if I miss it, but Jackie's NEEDS to be there right now. Dammit, this is really really bad.] "I have to give Coach an excuse for her absence because I WANT her on the team. She's too good to not be! Watch her, OK? Put her in the car, and watch her. I'll be back soon." With that said, Alex turned around and started walking back towards the gym. Before she got too far, however, Bernice stopped her.

"Wait, what are you going to say?" she asked curiously.

"I won't tell her what happened. Don't worry. I'll just say she had a family emergency, or some crap like that." Alex replied turning back towards the gym, but Bernice put her hand out to stop her once again.

"What should we tell Jackie if she wakes up?" Alex looked down for a minute. What should they tell Jackie? Should they just tell her the truth? If they did she might tell someone, which Alex didn't mind except for the fact that her friends would get expelled. But they couldn't lie to her? She'd want to find out what happen to her then might think that this was a more serious issue and call the police. Not to mention her mom would find out about this too then everything would turn into chaos. I guess they had no choice but to simply tell her the truth.

"Tell her the truth." Alex said simply. Bernice looked at her as if she was mad.

"What?! She'll rat out on us for sure!" the shocked girl replied.

"Well what do you want us to do? LIE to her? Bernice, she thinks she was really kidnapped. What's going to stop her from calling the police, or telling the school? This whole thing will turn into a big issue if we don't tell her what really happened. We HAVE to tell her the truth, and it's as simple as that."

"I guess you're right, but I want you to tell her. It'll be kind of awkward if we do it."

"Ok I'll tell her, but first let me talk to Coach about her try-outs. I'll be back soon." She nodded to Bernice who nodded back in agreement, then continued her way back to the gym.

When she got there, the girls were already scrimmaging. Coach Dario stood at the side of the net, taking notes and giving the girls commands, when Alex walked up to her.

"Hey Coach. Sorry about running out of here. I, uh, realized I forgot to turn in this really important essay to, uh, Ms. Gonzales. Yeah, so I had to run back to my locker and give it to her before she left." Alex said to her curious coach who was eyeing her skeptically.

"Alex, is everything alright with you?" she asked suspiciously.

"Yeah, yeah, everything's fine. So fine, its wonderful!" Alex answered back, giving her a really cheesy smile. [Gosh, I suck at lying.]

"Ok." Coach Dario said questioningly. "Seeing as everything's alright with you, what happened to this Jackie girl you were telling me about? She still hasn't shown up yet, and try-outs are almost over."

"Oh, I found Jackie on my way to Ms. Gonzales's. Well it was more like her finding me, rather than me finding her since I wasn't actually trying to find her. I was on my way to Ms. Gonzales, not trying to find her you see, but she found me." [What the HELL am I saying? I'm making no sense.] Alex found that true when she looked up at the volleyball coach, who had both eyebrows raised in a disbelieving manner.

"Heh, well ANYWAYS, she was looking for me because she needed to tell me that she couldn't make it to try-outs today."

"And why is that?" Coach asked.

"Oh because her, uh," [Think Alex, think!] "her car caught on fire!" [What the HELL am I thinking?!]

"Her car caught on fire?!"

"Um, yeah, her car caught on fire so she, uh, had to put it out. So then she told me that she had to go home to put it out because her mom told her that it was on fire." [Jesus, I'm an idiot.]

"Right so her car caught on fire? So she had to put it out?" Coach asked while shaking her head from the strangeness of the situation.

"Um, yeah?" Alex looked up at the coach, hoping that she'd believe her. Jackie really needed to be on the team.

"That must be the strangest thing I've heard."

"Well yeah that is kind of weird, but I didn't get the chance to ask her more about it because she had to hurry home." [Believe me! Please believe my sorry excuse for an excuse!]

"Well, ok. When can she try-out?"

"Well, um, since she's so good and all. maybe she can try-out with us tomorrow? I mean I know tomorrow's for varsity and all, but she is really good - better than some of the original players right now in fact."

"Wow, she's really that good?"

"Yeah, no doubt about it."

"Well, since you say so, I guess it wouldn't be so bad if she tried out tomorrow. If she does well, I'll consider her for varsity, and if she doesn't than at least there's still the J.V. team right?"

"Yeah, yeah, so everything's cool?"

"Yeah, but if she doesn't come tomorrow I'm not giving her anymore chances."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Alex said. Her coach gave her a satisfied nod, and went back to watching the scrimmage game.

"Well yeah, since that's settled, I better get going." She said, remembering that Jackie was still unconscious, and also with the girls who caused her to be that way.

"Wait, Alex, aren't you going to stay?"

"Sorry Coach, but I forgot that, um, it was my mom's birthday tonight so we're going out to dinner. Yeah I was supposed to tell you yesterday, but I guess it slipped my mind. I'm really sorry."

"No, no, it's ok. Have fun with your mom, and I'll see you tomorrow."

"Thank you." Alex said gratefully. [So nice to have an understanding Coach. Makes my life easier.] Since everything was now settled, Alex turned around to make her way back to the parking lot.



When Jackie woke up this time, she wasn't on some cold concrete floor; instead she was inside a car. Her vision was still blurred so she couldn't see very well, but she become aware of three other figures that were in the car with her. Noticing that she began to panic for she thought the kidnappers had captured her again.

"Where am I?! Who are you?! Where are you taking me?" Jackie asked, scared. She wasn't tied up or gagged; yet there was only one of her and three of them. If she tried to escape they'd probably beat her down.

"Jackie, its ok, don't panic. It's only Trish, Nicole, and me from the volleyball team. We're all Alex's friends. I'm Bernice, remember?" One of the persons said to her from the front passenger's seat. Her vision became clearer, and she looked more closely at the one who just spoke to her.

"I recognize you." She said, remembering Alex's friends from the day of conditioning. [Why am I with them? Why am I in a car? Where's Alex?] She looked out the window, and saw that they were in the school's parking lot.

"Why am I here?" She asked Bernice, who looked at the other two girls for an answer. Jackie eyed them inquiringly.

"Well, you see, it's kind of funny actually." Bernice started to say, before the other girl in the driver's seat, Trish, interrupted her.

"Well, OK, today we saw you with Jason, right?" Jackie felt a tingle go through her body when she heard the name Jason.

"Yeah I was with him, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"Well you see," Trish went on, "Jason is, like, the hottest senior at this school, so when we saw you with him today. we sorta got."

"A little jealous." The girl right next to Jackie said. She was guessing that her name was Nicole since she already knew who Trish and Bernice were. "Yeah, so we decided to, um." She stopped. No one said anything then.

"You what?"


"Alex will tell you." Bernice said, cutting Nicole off. Jackie was going to ask more questions, but she knew how to take a hint and remained quiet. There came an awkward silence, and Jackie shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

Finally, after what seemed like days to Jackie, Alex appeared and knocked on Jackie's door. Trish unlocked it, and Alex slipped in next to Jackie. It took a minute for Alex to realize that Jackie was awake, and when she did she immediately came out of her daze and all her attention now conscious girl right next to her.

"Jackie?! You're awake! How are you feeling? Are you alright? Do you need to go to the hospital or anything?" Alex asked anxiously while putting her hand on Jackie's forehead to check if she had a high temperature.

"I'm fine, really." Jackie answered. She was beginning to feel like a toddler, and became somewhat embarrassed. She reached up and pulled Alex's hand down from her head. Alex saw her crimson cheeks, and didn't persist with her humiliating questions. Instead, Jackie took this opportunity to get her questions answered.

"Why am I here?" she asked, firmly staring into Alex's eyes for an answer. She needed to know the truth, and she knew Alex wouldn't lie to her.

"You weren't really kidnapped. You sort of got. pranked." Alex said hesitantly.

"What do you mean, "pranked"? By who?" Jackie asked.

"By us." Bernice said simply, avoiding eye contact. [So that was why she wouldn't tell me.] "Look we were really jealous of you being with Jason and all so we thought we'd play a little joke on you to keep you away from him."

"But they were stupid enough NOT TO KNOW that if you put someone in a trunk the person could suffocate." Alex said, glaring at the girls behind her. "Ok here's what happened."


"So you won't say anything right Jackie?" Bernice asked pleadingly. Jackie looked at her sincere face, and wondered what she should do. [If I tell on them they'll get expelled, and then everyone will hate me because they're like super sport stars. But then. they almost killed me! Shouldn't I get SOME justice for their idiotic behavior?] She really just wanted to go straight to the Dean and tell him everything that happened, but thought better of it. [I mean they did apologize and all, and it looks as though they really meant it.]

"Well. I guess I won't tell."

"YES! Thank you! Thank you! You don't know how much that means to us!" Nicole said, hugging her suddenly. She immediately pulled back after remembering how awkward the situation was. "Uh, sorry."

" ." Jackie said. She sat uncomfortably in the back seat, wondering what would happen next, and then remembered the try-outs. "Oh my God! The tryouts! I never went!"

"It's ok Jackie I took care of it. I told her you, uh, had a family emergency." Alex said turning red. [Why is she turning red?]

"Oh thanks Alex." She said, truly grateful. "Oh, shit what about my mom?! I don't want to go home after this, and I still feel a little woozy. I can't go home tonight." Jackie said suddenly remembering her mother.

"You, uh, could stay over at my place. My parents don't care. It'll be fine." Alex suggested.

"Hmmm. I guess that'll be all right. I'll just tell my mom I have to work on a project or something. Can I borrow someone's cell?" Everyone immediately took out their cell phones. [Dam. Freaking camera phones all around me, and here I am with a crappy Siemens model that doesn't even have any games or texting. JEEZ!] Jackie decided to use Alex's phone since she was the one she knew the most. She stepped out of the car, and dialed her house number.

"Mom?" she said when someone picked up on the other line.

"No, its Marissa. I'll go get mom for you."

"No no Marissa wait!"


"Can you just tell mom something for me?"


"Why the hell not?"

"Because I don't want her bitching to me about your shit."

"Marissa please just do this for me! I'll do you a favor if you help me."

"What's the favor going to be? Cleaning up the room or something? Your favors fucking suck Jackie."

"Fuck you Marissa! You're such a bitch you know that? Why can't you just do this ONE thing for me? Why do you have to have attitude about EVERYTHING?"

"Whatever. I'm giving the phone to mom."

"No! Marissa don't-"
"Jackie? Jackie is that you?"

"Yes mom. its me." Jackie let out an annoyed sigh. [Dam you Marissa!]

"Are you coming home soon?"

"Um about that. I'm actually going to stay over a friend's house because we have this project due first thing in the morning."

"A project? Already? Who are you going to stay over with?"

"Um, remember Alex? She's the one that brought me home a couple days ago."

"Yes. I thought she was older than you. What is the project you have to do?"

"Oh this thing. like. for Spanish. You know something for Spanish class."

"You make no sense to me. I don't know if you should stay over."

"Mom do you want me to fail Spanish class?" Jackie lied. She felt suddenly guilty for doing so.

"No, but I still don't get why you have to stay over."

"Cause the project is really big and we have to finish it tonight."

"I don't know Jackie."

"Mom it's my grade!"

"Fine then."

"What?!" She was surprised that her mom actually said yes.

"I said fine. What? You don't want me to let you go? Ok, you can't go then."

"No no I do want to go. It's just you surprised me."

"Why did I surprise you? You are very weird Jackie."

"Well yeah. Darn, weird me! OH well! Thanks mom I'll call you later!"

"Ok bye now!"

"Bye mom!" Before her mom could say anything more Jackie hung up the phone. She had gotten away from her mom! [I can't believe she's letting me stay! She's really changed since that talk we had this morning. Yes!]

"So Jackie? She say yes?" Alex asked.

"Yup she said yes!"

"Cool party at my place then!"


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