"What do we do with the child?" asked Forseti, who was holding the child she had picked up from the dead mother's side. The baby was a boy, only barely alive. The mother had used her last dieing breath to ask help from the gods, that is why Fjolnir God of Wisdom, Frigga Goddess of Fate, and Forseti God of Fair Judgment, were present. They were the great Goddess and the two great Gods.

"We could keep the child." Fjolnir suggested, but within seconds Frigga replied "No! We cannot keep the child. We must leave the boy with a wise man and woman, for I feel a prophesy in him."

"Then let us leave him with Sjamadhr, the wizard of Skald." Forseti declared, "There he can be taught to be a great wizard and wise man of Skaldcraft."

When they had all agreed that they should leave the boy with Sjamadhr, Forseti summoned a great wind to carry them to the home of the wizard Sjamadhr.