My Guardian Angel

Angels descend from the Heavens above
Sending out all of their love
Guarding those who are in need
And heeling those who sit and bleed

They watch us as we sleep and snore
They watch through our windows or stand by our doors
They look down every single day
And send God our messages when we pray

They are God's messengers; they do as they're told
They live in eternal bliss and never get old
Their wings flapping as they fly
And their halos of gold shine as they go by

They are the shooting stars we spot in the night
They are those majestic lights
The presence we feel all around a room
That gives us goose bumps and lifts the gloom

My guardian angel, however, is not the kind from the sky
But an angel that was sent from God to help me by
An angel of the Lord in every way
She helps me go on every day

She guarded me as a baby
And watched me grow to a young lady
She cried on my birthdays and wiped away my tears
Then she would chase away all of my fears

My guardian angel is already here on Earth
She has been there for me since my birth
She is my mother, my light, and my soul
My reason for living, and I want her to know