The Point Being

No rhyming dictionaries
were harmed
in the making of this

(That is, it says it's a poem
Look down at the bottom of the screen.)

And the doggerel
was all contributed
by canines
on a fair salary.

I'm not sure about the origins of the rest.
It didn't come from my heart.
It was not made of any tears because I save them in plastic canisters.
It was not inspired by deep feeling.

Since it doesn't express anything, I have to conclude
it isn't a head poem either.
It's kinda expression-less.
It's staring at you.

Actually, it might have been a spur-of-the-moment thing.
Actually, if you press me,
I'll say I picked it up off the pavement.
Don't frown, you know you do it too. It was just flapping around there.

Or maybe - don't ask me, I get a lot of stuff this way -
It swam out of the net.
That could have been it;
That sounds about right.
it said hi to me, and blinked,
and did that lol thing.