We always knew this day would come
When we began this distant journey,
And I've said my goodbyes as tears
Tried to fall, and I thought that you might notice,
But delusions are dead, and you can't or you won't.

To think I hoped you'd see me as I walked
Right out the door, but now I'm gone
And you don't seem to care.
So I'm standing here in the ice and snow
And you seem to have forgotten me.

I wonder why, and I have a thousand answers,
But all of them dead ends,
So I almost ask you what you'd say, and then
As I try so hard to forget you, I wonder
What I think I'm doing it for.

But the reasons all seem stupid now,
And in the name of the cold midnight,
I have one more stupid question
For you before I say goodbye,
Because I seem to have just one more chance.

But I won't go back inside
To ask you anything,
'Cause I'm not welcome anymore,
And even if I was, I'd think
You've probably forgotten me
By now.