Crimson Africa

Loa ran off. She could feel Rowan approaching her with his superhuman strength and speed. She turned and saw a glimpse of his figure around the corner. She holstered the Glock and then began to sprint towards the hatch that led outside. Many of the dead rose up around her. She ignored them, and continued to run down the forever seeming hallway.

We've gotten so far…please give me a miracle…

Loa grabbed her radio off her belt, and turned on the comm channel.

"This is Loa, I'm being tailed by Rowan Kiefl and I need the hatch to be opened NOW!"

"Roger, opening the hatch," responded Kaia. She heard a creak noise from the end of the hallway.

"You can't run, and you can't hide…" whispered Rowan. It was as if he was right behind her, transparent and invisible. She turned and saw him sprinting now. She unholstered the Glock and fired a shot into his head. It hit dead on, and he screamed in pain. Loa's window of opportunity was coming to a close. She could see the hatch, and now it was slowly beginning to close.

She could feel heavy footsteps coming. She lunged for the hatch, and rolled through. Kaia and Amelia closed the door while David sat on a log, vomiting. They quickly locked it, and then grabbed David and Loa and began to sprint towards the Osprey.

"RUN!" yelled Loa as she broke free and began to sprint on her own.

"You can't kill me…" said Rowan, still clutching his head. The pain was almost unbearable. He looked at his hands, and they were stained with blood. He looked at his body. Every single muscle hurt in his whole body. He could barely walk.

"One minute to detonation…" boomed the voice overhead.

Is this the end? Is all I fought for gone? Was it all for nothing?

No, it wasn't. Rowan jumped and saw Bernard Pinaye, badly wounded, clutching the wound.

"I'm going to die. We need to get out of here, and fast. There's another route. I have telepathy, we have to get out of here."

"So do I Bernard. Yes, run!"

"Forty-five seconds to detonation."

How did you survive? Thought Rowan.

My own ways, replied Pinaye.

Did the Maclennan boy shoot you?

Yes. It was unexpected so I wasn't able to handle the blow. I was still alive but I managed to play dead until you came. I activated the self destruct you know.

I was looking for Maclennan for a while. He is one tough nut to crack, we almost had him after almost six years!

We can get them back, we just need to hurry.

And they ran, but their path was cut off, by the sudden voice.

"Beginning Detonation."

Loa dived forward as the hulk behind her exploded. She fell hard, covering her ears. Kaia and Amelia threw themselves down along with David, and protected themselves. They could hear other explosions, and fire crackling in the wreckage. Loa slowly got up, and felt her bones. Nothing was broken, and it seemed the same for the rest of the party.

Oh my god…Dennis…

She helped David up, and then put his arm around her shoulder, and then began to trudge through the trees. She whispered to Kaia as they all hobbled along.

"Be on your guard, the people…or the THING that killed him may still be around."

"It's…gone…" David managed. He puked again onto the grass, and Loa almost got sprayed.


"How do you know this?" asked Loa, looking into her brother's eyes.

"I…can…read…minds…to some…extent…"

"He needs a doctor," said Amelia.

"Yes. Get him to the Osprey!" commanded Kaia. Loa came to the clearing, and the Osprey was there in full condition. Loa opened the side door to the copter, and then slowly put David down. She lifted his legs onto the medical pullout bed (this was equipped in just before they left) and strapped him in.

"Kaia, get in!" yelled Loa. Kaia was facing the explosion.

"My work…" Loa could barely hear her, or whatever she had said.

"Kaia! We need to go now!" Kaia turned around, and pulled a nine millimetre out of her disguise. She pulled the hammer, and then smiled at Loa. Loa looked confused.

"Put the gun down! We need to get out of here!"

"You do Loa. I need to get my work…all those years researching, plotting the Manhattan Project…"

"Manhattan Project?" said Loa slowly.

"Yes Loa. We are running another test with the YW-Virus as well as the new HY-Virus, except we must use a bigger area this time…we don't want the same thing to happen again…"


"New York. Now, I have to kill you because I can't let you display this to the public. Well…no one would probably listen to you because you would have no proof."

"Why did you betray us?!"

"Admiral Trask asked me to do this for a hefty sum of money. I work as an Assassin For Hire, and now it's time to do my job."

"Don't think so." Kaia spun around and Amelia opened fired with an M16. Kaia screamed in pain and Loa ducked for cover as the shower of bullets spilled out of the gun. Kaia moaned, and then fell to the ground. Loa slowly rose, squinting for the sun was rising. Amelia dropped the gun, and then looked at her bloody hands.

"I'm a murderer…"

"Nah." Loa walked up to Kaia and withdrew her Glock.

"Why?" she asked Kaia, who was now spitting up blood. Loa fired one shot into her head. Amelia began to sob and fell to her knees. Loa walked over to her, and helped her up. The nightmare was finally over. Loa helped Amelia back into the chopper, and they began to fly back to base camp. Where was Dennis' body?

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