Crimson Africa


The van was armour plated, heavy, and silver. Inside the van, was a briefcase, heavy, and silver. On the side of the van were two large yellow painted words: YYSE CORP. Inside the van were two men, guards that were transporting some briefcase to the head office inside the main city of New York. What they were not aware of was that they were carrying the post powerful viral weapon in the world, and they were headed right to the perfect city to unleash it in.

The van had been fit with a special explosive to run the van off course and deliberately unleash the virus into the air to begin infection of the human body. The guards were not aware of this at all. Simulations estimated that it would take at least twenty minutes for the virus to start taking affect while it was still fresh.

The van suddenly jumped, and the wheels exploded under the hulk. The men shouted out in surprise, and tried to steer themselves back into control. The second guard looked worriedly at the case in the back as the slid down the hill. It was winter, and it was icy at the time.


The van jumped again, and rolled three times. From Yyse Corp HQ, the scientists watched from hidden cameras the pain that the men were experiencing. One of the scientists pressed a button and then the briefcase came open. One of the men looked at it surpised, and then began to cough as the fumes within it began to suffocate him.

"It might not be enough sir," said one of the scientists.

"It will. The HY-Virus turns air molecules into HY Viral Molecules. It can get to New York, because it hunts for the closest living thing."

"Alright." They watched the camera, as the virus floated towards the city of New York, terror already beginning to uprise.