Crimson Africa Written by Alareic

Dr. Kaia Winters looked over her Medical files when there was a knock at her door. She put down her clipboard and walked over to the door and opened it. It was Kit, one of the guards that guarded her Med Building. Kaia smiled at him, and he saluted her, also smiling. Kit was her favourite guard out of the whole bunch. They would often have lunch together and talk while on duty.

"Kaia, you've got a whole Delta Squad coming in for treatment to the tent." Kaia rolled her eyes, wondering why everyone but her called this little portable a tent. She guessed it was probably some kind of army slang. She didn't like it.

"Kit, it's building. Who are they anyway?"

"The new Deltas that'll replace the squad sent in earlier. We lost contact. Thank god, I was almost going to go with them. I don't know what happened to them, and neither does protocol. We're using the Hubble to do some Thermo Scans, but we don't have the results yet. Colonel Bangcroft asked me to give this to you. It's what you've got to do with them." Kit handed her a piece of paper that was typed neatly and had her orders on it. She smiled at Kit again, and he left the building. Dr. Winters went into the storage and took out a syringe, a syringe bottle, and some cleaning swabs. Then, she went into the mixing room and began to make some 'Jolt' she called it. It was mainly based with Caffeine and some other 'wake-up' products to keep one awake for twenty four hours. She let it spread in an empty bottle, and then she went back to her files that Colonel Bangcroft had given her on the Deltas.

Another Kaia was there too, Kaia Portman. Dr. Winters had heard of her before, because she was a famous researcher for some other company that she didn't know of. Strangely, the program she had been watching didn't say which firm that Portman was from. She had been famous for developing some kind of stimulant for the 'Cold' Virus. It was going to be sold to the public in another year or so after further testing.

Dr. Winters took out her file, and then began to read it. Portman was allergic to High-pollinated areas, hay, some assorted Tropical plants, and also had a mild condition of diabetes. Insulin was not needed for her condition. There was not really much things about the other people, just some assorted grass allergies, medical needs, nothing she couldn't take care of. But 'Jolt' could be a bit too much on Portman's immune system because of the other chemicals inside it. It could damage her immune system. She would call Bangcroft.

Dr. Winters walked up to the mobile phone that was on her desk, and contacted Bangcroft. She dialled the cellular, and waited for the ringing sound to stop. A gruff voice came on the line.


"Colonel, this is Dr. Winters."


"It turns out that Miss Portman has diabetes. I can't use 'Jolt' on her, so she may not be able to stay awake for very long once they get on the mission. What do you suggest sir?"

"Do you have any pills that can keep her awake?" Dr. Winters took the mobile and opened her cupboards, searching for some kind of drug to keep Portman awake. Dr. Winters found something.

"I'll call you back." She signed off, and then took out the bottle. It was some kind of herbal mixture. She would mix the herbs and then that would probably keep her awake.

Take it every two hours.

Dr. Winters finished mixing the herbs, and then put them on her desk, as well as the medical supplies and all the accessories she needed for the injections. A knock on her door interrupted her thoughts. She got up, adjusted her glasses and then opened the door. A man was standing there, holding a gun.

"Deltas ready for inspection Doctor." Dr. Winters saw all of the Deltas, lined up in one line standing for attention. Dr. Winters turned her attention back on the guard, who was smoking.

"Don't smoke near here please, it kills the plants that I use for Herbal Mixtures. And send them in one at a time." The guard grunted, and waved one of the Delta's into the building. It was a woman. She sat down on the chair, and waited for her next instructions. Dr. Winters grabbed her clipboard, and without looking at the woman, began to talk.


"Jenkins, Amelia."



"Have any allergies, Medical Issues, Disabilities."


"Ok Miss Jenkins, I'm going to give you an injection. This may sting a little. It'll keep you wide awake for eighteen hours." Jenkins shuddered. Dr. Winters swabbed her left arm, and then put the 'Jolt' into the needle. She softly injected it into Jenkins. She didn't show any signs of pain at all. Dr. Portman wiped the needle, and put in more 'Jolt'.

"I feel...tired." she said, getting up slowly and stumbling. Dr. Winters steadied her, and then led her out.

"It'll make you sleep for four hours. You'll feel like a million bucks when you get up." Jenkins nodded to her, and then left the portable. Dr. Winters refilled the syringe, and continued with the rest of the Deltas.


Colonel Bangcroft walked to the Osprey and let out a low whistle. The agency would never send one of this much quality. One of the soldiers was already exploring through it. Bangcroft grabbed his walkie-talkie as it began to beep.

"Bangcroft here."

"Colonel, this is Nicolai Milslovich. There has been a change of plans. We need you to send out your team, right now! We've received a distress call from Delta-1. Get your team to the designated area as soon as possible! Here's the Admiral with your objectives, again." It sounded like someone was handing the phone.

"Bangcroft. Here they are. You must first investigate the research grounds where the researchers were searching for a cure. After you've done that, if you've got survivors, head back to the Osprey for dispatch. After that's done, search for the other Delta Squad. If you can't find them, Mission over. Return to base, got it?" Bangcroft nodded.

"Yes Sir, I won't disappoint you, sir."

"I don't think you will Bangcroft." The line went dead. Bangcroft put the walkie-talkie on his belt, and jogged back to the bunker.

A/N: It's good to be back again, but sadly, I will be leaving on Monday again. I'll be back in two weeks, so I'll try and update as soon as I can. Thanks to those who are reading!