Shattered Sidewalk

Did you return?
I've waited so long.
Though I doubt you even notice
The years drift away.
While living your life normally,
I guess time slips by.
But I've stood here waiting,
Clinging to the hope that,
You remembered.
Did you?
Can you still see the picture?
The dragon's flame,
The colors of a back round,
Tearing at a sunlit sky?
I do.
When I close my eyes I can
Almost smell the kettle corn,
Or hear our laughter,
As we chased the go carts.
I promised I would wait,
And so did you.
But as I stood on that sidewalk
For a second time,
And stared off dreaming of
One who would never come,
I realized you moved on.
I guess one day didn't do
So much for you as it did for me,
But you promised!
Please, don't keep me waiting
For the rest of eternity,
Return to the sidewalk,
Or at least come,
Come to see the shattered
Remains of me.
The remains drawn in the picture
On the sidewalk
Where I'm waiting.