~ * ~ * ~

From birth, a person's heart is like a unicorn - pure, beautiful, and difficult to capture. As time flows by, the world tames the unicorns, and, eventually, they cease to breathe, and they die. Select few, however, retain that dear perfection, and sometimes become a light to those in danger, because they have been there, and know how to get through.

You must be a unicorn. You, who has seen so much trouble and hardship in such a young life. And yet, you do not envy others their ignorance. You're proud to have dragged yourself this far, and *I* envy *you.* I envy your unfailing optimism, and your willingness to take risks - which sometimes worries me, because, if ever you should fall while taking that risk, I would be left alone in a world that I despise, this world that strives to conform.

I cannot conform, not to reality. So, reality has tried to crush me, and leave my broken body behind. The world has no use for those who do not live by its rules. It has no use for shining unicorns, hopes, and dreams. It tries to get rid of them in the worst way.

But it missed you. It *missed* you, and I know why. The world brought you to me, so that you might help me live again. That is your purpose.

My unicorn died a long time ago. But maybe, just maybe, you can make me breathe again.

~ * ~ * ~

a/n: I consider this the saddest thing I have ever written, and I enjoyed it. I hope you guys did, too.